Mike Lindell Net Worth 2018

Who is Mike Lindell and what is his net worth 2018? If you know a little bit about My Pillow, Inc you need to know about the man behind this work. Mike Lindell is one of the most successful American entrepreneurs who is the CEO of My Pillo, Inc. Let us take an insight to his journey of being a great businessman and ultimately the CEO of this big brand.

Early Life

Born on 28th June 1961, Mike Lindell is the inventor of My Pillow, Inc. He is American by nationality and had a great story from starting from scratch to owing a big empire of My Pillow, Inc. Mike in today’s date has achieved a lot of name and fame and with this comes to a lot of money and respect as well.

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike Lindell has worked really hard to achieve at the position he is today. Before getting into the business of pillow he has worked in different fields and even owned small businesses as well. With a business mind since adulthood, he had great vision and a lot of dreams for the future. Prior to My Pillow, he was indulged into the business of a carpet cleaning company, a lunch wagon business. He even worked in many other bars and restaurants.

Based in Chaska, Minnesota, My Pillow, Inc is one of the most successful companies of the time which was started from a scratch. Mike Lindell is the inventor and in today’s date the CEO of the company. He also acted in many info commercials of My Pillow, Inc which made him much popular among the people.

He is the sole person who is behind the huge success of the company. During the initial years, mike used to hand stitch the pillows for selling them to the customers. He took the help from his family members and took all the responsibility to handle its sales and distribution as well.

Founded way back in the year 2004, My Pillow, Inc had to face a lot of lawsuits for false advertisements. The pillows are endorsed as a pain reliever and comprising many medical benefits to which people filed a case against him. Mike also had to face a lawsuit for giving false educational qualifications.

Lindell has also started The Lindell Foundation especially for the people who are drug addicts and want to come out of their addictions. Mike Lindell was himself one of the most addict people who used to have a lot of cocaine. However, e worked hard on himself to get rid of the addiction and came out of this trouble in 2009. Since then he has acted sober. His foundation is basically for helping the drug addicts but he also donates money to the poor people. His foundation donated money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Net Worth of Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell has an estimated net worth of $120 million and the maximum comes from his company My Pillow, Inc., however, he used to donate some of the portions to the Lindell Foundation to help the needy. No wonder in the coming years his net worth would enhance and reach even high.

Mike Lindell is a dedicated man. He knew what to do at what time and this is the reason why he reached the zenith of his career. He took just the right step to get rid of his drug addictions and then started concentrating more on his work. With the help of his family and friends, he managed to become the most influential entrepreneur of the time.