Marjorie Harvey Net Worth

Who is Marjorie Harvey and what is her net worth 2018? Marjorie Harvey is best known for the wife of American television host and personality Steve Harvey . In the year 2007 she was married to Steve Harvey. She is a fashion afficionado who created the blog named as The Lady Loves Couture. She has huge amount of net worth in the United States of America.

Marjorie Harvey was born on Oct 10 , 1964 in the United Stares of America. She has African – American ethnicity.

Marjorie Harvey Net Worth 2018-2019

Marjorie Harvey is known for fashion aficionado and well – known for the creator of blog called Lady Loves Couture. She made her reputation after when was married to Steve Harvey who is famous stand – up comedian . She holds her education from the University of Memphis. She didn’t complete her studies because she was dropped from this college due to her bad card report. She is also famous for fashion freak. She often tours all around the world for her various fashion shows across the world.

Marjorie Harvey is now married to Steve Harvey from which she was married in the year 2007. Steve has already two times married before . Marjorie has also previously married 2 times before comes engaged with Steve Harvey in the year 2007. Steve has also 3 children from his first wife those who are living with him.

So Marjorie is also an Stepmother of these children from which two are twin daughters and one is son. Steve has also 1 child from his second marriage and he also living along with Marjorie and Steve . Marjorie has its 3 children from her first relationship and the name of her children are Morgan , Jason and Lori. She is pretty younger as she looks.

Her husband is also known as an actor , radio and television personality , author , producer and host of various shows as well . Marjorie is also a grandmother of her own children. She has 4 grandchildren now. Her all three children Jason , Morgan and Karli all are engaged to someone and Jason has two children , While Morgan and Karli has one – one children.

Though she is a grandmother now but she still looks pretty and young. Marjorie and Steve started dating from the year 2005 briefly. It has also been said that that this couple was also met in the year 1990 in a comedy show but their relationship splits after sometime here. But after this they reconnected in 2005 and began dating each – other.

Marjorie Harvey is always welcomed to Milan’s and Paris fashion weeks and often says that her fashion city is Paris. Her husband Steve Harvey hosted a radio show in the year 2010 that was a weekday – morning radio program.He is also known as the finalist in the second Annual Johnie Walker National Comedy Search performing in the year 1990 on Apr, 16. Her husband has also bagged many awards.

Marjorie Harvey Net Worth

Though Marjorie is a famous in the fashion industry and she has lot of money from this industry. She is also wife of famous actor Steve Harvey. She holds net worth of $105 million.

Marjorie Harvey is a famous fashion industry icon. She is best known as the wife of Steve Harvey after she was married in the year 2007.