Lee O’Denat Net Worth

Who was Lee O’Denat and what is his net worth? Lee O’ Denat was a famous actor and producer. He is well known for the Untitled WordStar Hip-hop Project. He is also known for The Dead Diane’s of 2014 and All the Matters of 2015. He was an internet Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) and an American business executive too. The title is because he founded WordStar Hip-Hop website.

Lee O’ Denat year of birth is identified as 1973 in Queens, New York, USA. The specific date of birth is the 2nd of November. He was given the name Lee Quin O’ Denat. He was raised by a single mum who was of Haitian origin. He attended Grover Cleveland High School and later dropped out. There are no records of him attending another school after that. An early job at a circuit city store inspired the abundant love he had for computers.

Lee O’Denat Net Worth

Lee O’ Denat was the husband of Brianna Padilla. God blessed them with three children with their oldest son being 13 years of age now. Lee O’ Denat and his family had been living in San Diego.

Lee O’ Debat had his first web venture when he created an E-commerce site. The site aimed to help his good friend who was already famous, to sell his mixtapes. His friend’s name is DJ Whoo Kid who was well known for collaborating with 50-Cent another Queen rapper. In 2005, utilising the power of You tube, developed a website known as WorldStar Hip-Hop.

The site was designed to help distribute hip-hop tapes. Lee O’ Denat achieved that with the aid of his site. Unfortunately, hackers gained access to the site and stole his files. That is when Lee decided to make it content site. It constituted of videos especially pornographic ones and gossips concerning hip-hop and hip-hop artists. It hit the headlines when it posted an anti-Bush clip of a child claiming that he would kill him if he got a chance.

The site did not earn any profit until 2009. Lee got involved in a deal with Paramount Prices Pictures for a teen comedy in 2015. At the time of his demise, he had been trying hard to lose weight in preparation of a reality show that he was to be featured.

Lee O’Debat Net Worth

Lee O’ Denat was an American business executive and Internet Chief Executive Officer had a net worth of $20 million. Lee at one point is reported to have rejected a 40 million dollar offer in exchange for a 40% of his company. That means that the company was worth $100 million dollars. The company would even sell $100,000 in a day.

Lee O’ Denat, unfortunately, died on January 23, 2017, at the age of 43. He succumbed to his death due to a heart attack while he slept. He had reportedly been on a mission to lose weight in a few months before his death. The mission aimed to prepare him for an MTV reality show he was set to tape. He weighed over 300 pounds then.