Larry Silverstein Net Worth

Who is Larry Silverstein and what is his net worth 2018? Larry Silverstein is an American businessman. He is a real estate developer and investor who is famous for purchasing The World Trade Center just a month and a half before the 9/11 attack. He is working to rebuild the complex and has developed many other properties in New York and Columbia.

Larry A. Silverstein was born on 30th of May in the year 1931 in Brooklyn. He graduated from New York University in the year 1952 and then went to Brooklyn Law School. After his schooling, he became involved in a real estate business with his father and his brother-in-law and established Silverstein Properties. He bought many buildings in Midtown and Lower Manhattan and he has also got The World Trade Center and is also redesigning it after the September 11 attacks.

Larry Silverstein Net Worth 2018-2019

Other than being a very good businessman, he is also a philanthropist. He is a trustee, founder, and chairman of many organisations and colleges. He also used to teach in college to give knowledge of business to students and his lectures were considered as most beneficial for them. Just like his professional life, Larry has a great personal life. He met his wife, Klara in a summer camp during college years and the couple got married in the year 1956. The couple has three children named as Lisa, Sharon, and Roger.

Larry was interested in real estate so he started his business after his schooling with his father and his brother-in-law. He started his firm Silverstein Properties by buying his first property in Manhattan. In the year 1977, he separated his business from his business partner, Bernard Mendik and then after going out of his own, he bought more real estate in Lower Manhattan and Midtown.

In the year 1983, he sold a building to Coca-Cola which made him a profit of over $46 million. After this, he made buildings for tenants in New York and also bid for the construction of the building 7 World Trade Center and won the bid. After establishing his empire, he bid to acquire complete World Trade Center complex and won the bid just one and half month before the attacks on September 11. After the attacks, he had disputes with the insurance companies and had also protested against them with the employees and construction workers.

He is now looking forward to rebuilding the complex.  This project will consume the rest of his life but this will be a big achievement in his career. Other than World Trade Center, he has been building other buildings too in the Washington and New York.

Larry’s firm Silverstein Properties, Inc. has won many awards and most recent among them includes Industry Leader Award and Marketer of the Year. Other than his firm, Larry has achieved a lot in his lifetime, he is serving as chairman and is a founder of many firms in New York and Columbia. His biggest achievement is the success of his firm Silverstein Properties which he started with his father and his brother-in-law but later was handling all by himself.

Larry Silverstein Net Worth

Larry Silverstein has a net worth of $4 billion. The biggest asset of Larry is his firm Silverstein Properties which has contributed a lot in his net worth by managing $35 million SF of residential, office, retail space, and hotels. His firm is still having another $8 billion of properties in the pipeline. Still he has plans for the rest of his life about rebuilding the WTC complex.

Larry A. Silverstein is an American businessman who has earned $4 billion so far. He has built such a huge empire with hard work and dedication in his firm Silverstein Properties Inc. He has provided so many people jobs and is still working even after being of 85 years.