Joseph Lacob Net Worth

Who is Joseph Lacob and what is his net worth 2018? If you had to make a guess, what do you think would be the net worth of the owner, of NBA franchise, Golden State Warriors? Put the pieces together now. Joseph Lacob is the majority owner of the Golden State Warriors. That’s not all, not by any means. He is a visionary business man who has reached heights in the corporate sector which any man would be proud off. Ingenuity is the ace that he keeps folded up his sleeve at all times and until now, touchwood, it has definitely payed dividend.

Born in a Jewish family, Joseph’s childhood was by no means luxurious. During this time, he learnt how to live the hard way. His father worked as an employee in paper product company while his mother worked shifts at a local supermarket in order to make some extra income for the family. Born in 1956, he witnessed a lot a few phases wherein the Celtics were the most dominant team in the NBA. If championships eluded them, star-players didn’t. Hence, it’s no surprise that Joseph was a boyhood Celtics fan. To get to where he is today, a partner at a major venture capital firm that goes by the name of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, education played a very important role. He has degrees from some of the best colleges in the world like UCLA and Stanford.

Joseph Lacob Net Worth 2018-2019

In terms of his personal life, he is happily married with two kids of his own.

Before working at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Joseph held a number of executive positions at some very well known companies. Chiron and Booz, Allen & Hamilton, being the most noteworthy. However, notably his professional career began with the venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. From 1987, until now he has been helping the investment firm make clever investment decisions. Clever, how? By diversifying their investments into multiple segments and hence, minimising the risk. This strategy, so far, has fared well for both: the company as well as Joseph.

Soon after tasting success, he became a shareholder of his boyhood club, the Boston Celtics. But in order to make the $450 million purchase of Golden State Warriors possible, he had to sell off this minority stake. By then, Joseph had quite some experience in the field of NBA and was ready to take the league by storm, something which his team definitely did. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship twice, the 14-15 season and the 16-17 season.

Joseph Lacob Net Worth

The fact that he, along with his group of investors shelled out $450 million for the Golden State Warriors in 2010, is a statement that indicates showcases affluence openly. But just how much is he worth, that’s the real question. Putting a definitive sum to this, would be hard. His reported net worth is somewhere around $1.6 billion. Don’t be too astonished. The Golden State Warriors in itself are considered to be the third most valuable team in the NBA. That in itself is a very big statement. His other sources of income/addition to net worth come from his investments/stake in different companies.

Joseph Lacob embodies the statement, ‘rags to riches’. After living a very modest childhood and coming from a very poor family, today he is a billionaire. He is a living tribute to the impact that education can have on a person.