Johnny Morris Net Worth 2019

Who is Johnny Morris and what is his net worth 2019? Johnny Morris is an American businessman. He is a founder, former CEO and majority owner of a hunting and fishing retail store chain called ‘Bass Pro Shops’. He has earned a reputation as one of the most visionary retailers of the last 50 years. Johnny is now regarded as a retail and travel destination pioneer. Forbes included Johnny on their list of billionaires for the first time in 2013. They listed him at $4 billion that year. In 2017 Forbes Billionaires list, he is at No. 441 in World, and No.151 in the United States.

Early Life

Johnny Morris known as John L Morris was born in 1948, in Springfield, Missouri. He was born to parents John. A Morris and Genny. His father was a decorated World War II veteran who served his country proudly. Johnny’s parents both loved fishing and shared their passion with their son.

Johnny Morris Net Worth

He was wired for hunting and fishing from an early age. At 21, Johnny fell in love with the game of bass fishing. His interest in the game brought him to the thinking of starting an outdoor sports retail store. That is how he started Bass Pro Shops in the back of his father’s liquor store and the rest as we know is history.

Johnny Morris met his wife Jeanie in 1982. He has four children with her. He attended Drury University. He lives with his family in Springfield, Missouri. He is known for living a very low-key life. He still goes fishing almost every day.

Johnny Morris spent five years on the professional bass fishing circuit when he was 21 years old. That time decided his career choice. He knew right then that he was going to spend his life around fishing and other fishermen. He started Bass Pro Shops during that time. Johnny pioneered the idea of destination retail and created an outdoor gear enterprise which has now become one of the most recognised brands in North America.

Bass Pro Shops now has more than 100 retail stores across North America. In 1978, he revolutionised the marine industry by introducing ‘Bass Tracker’. It allowed fishermen to buy “fish ready” and quality fishing boats ‘factory direct’ at a very good rate. It has remained the best-selling fishing boat brand in America for over 40 years now.

In 1987, Johnny purchased a land near Table Rock Lake. He built nature-based resort ‘Big Cedar Lodge’ there. It hosts more than one million guests annually and has become one of the most recognised resorts in the country. Johnny is also a well-known conservation leader often referred to as a modern-day Roosevelt for his leadership qualities.

Net Worth of Johnny Morris

Johnny Morris hunting and fishing retail store chain ‘Bass Pro Shops’ takes in an estimated $4 billion a year since 2013. The earnings from his nature-built resort add a lot to his already immense wealth. His wealth was unnoticed until 2013 when Forbes added him to the list of billionaires. He was estimated at $4 billion that year. His wealth went up $100 million in two years and his net worth was estimated at $4.1 billion in the year 2015. The current net worth of Johnny Morris in $5 billion.

Johnny Morris is a man who turned his passion for hunting and fishing into a profession. He has helped a lot of people with the same interest. He has created an outdoorsman’s idea of heaven through ‘Bass Pro Shops’. He is a true visionary and great leader too.