Jerry Richardson Net Worth

Who is Jerry Richardson and what is his net worth 2018? Jerry Richardson is a well known American businessman. He is also the founder and owner of popular NFL (National Football League) team, Carolina Panthers. He is also the founder of fashion franchise ‘Hardee’ and a food chain called ‘Spartan’. In 2015, season his team managed to reach the Super Bowl 50.

Jerome Johnson Richardson Sr. was born on 18th July 1936. He had two sons named Mark and Jon. Unfortunately, his son Jon died in 2013, due to cancer. Initially, he planned to give his team to kids but both step aside from inheriting it in 2009. However, it is still speculated that Mark might take over Jerry’s empire after his death being the sole heir.

Jerry Richardson Net Worth 2018-2019

If no one takes the responsibility of the team, it will be put up for sale, which is going to be an end of an era. He was born and raised in North Carolina. He completed his schooling from a small school in Fayetteville. Later he entered Wofford College in South Carolina.

Jerry was admitted to a hospital in 2008, leading to his heart troubles. In 2002, he underwent a quadruple bypass surgery, which generated his heart problems. In 2009, he got a heart transplant, which has recovered his condition ever since.

The billionaire businessman started off his career as an NFL player, who played in two seasons with Baltimore Colts in 1959 and 1960. In his, on field career, he made 4 touchdowns and had over 171 receiving yards.

He also launched a franchise named Hardee with Charles Bradshaw in Spartanburg. This business expanded rapidly and led to the introduction of Spartan Foods. He later served as the CEO of Flagstar, which became the sixth largest food service provider in the country. Jerry retired from his position in 1995.

Later he expressed his love for the sport by founding his own NFL team ‘Carolina Panthers’ which he created in 1995. Last year his team reached Super Bowl 50. The experience in football really helps him in bringing close to his team. He has had a firsthand experience in the NFL games, which allows him to deliver the best advice to his players, who never fail to impress their owner and their fans.

The North Carolina University has named their 49ers Football stadium after billionaire NFL team owner. He doesn’t have a shrine of hundreds of prestigious awards but his employees definitely have the best words to say about him. And as far as his football career is concerned he did prove himself a player in his career of two years in Football. His life cycle is a true inspiration for the youngster, on how every dream can be fulfilled with the right amount of faith and hard work.

Jerry Richardson Net Worth

Jerry Richardson has an estimated net worth of more than $2.2 Billion. He brought Carolina Panthers for just $206 million and today the same team is worth $2.1 Billion. The Carolina Panther owner has been a money magnet throughout his career; he has only seen profit in all his business modules and career prospects.

Jerry Richardson is one of the richest NFL team owners in the world. He started from the bottom has created an empire worth $2.2 Billion. Jerry is without a doubt one of the smartest businessmen in America. He has handled everything from a fashion franchise to a food chain. And today he successfully manages a team of over 20 strong well-built football players. Every Carolina Panthers fan should see Jerry as an inspiration and thank him for creating their favourite team.