Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Who is Jeanie Buss and what is her net worth 2018? Jeanie Marie Buss, daughter of Jerry Buss, is the controlling owner and president of the basketball team LA Lakers. At an early age of 19, she began her career as the GM of tennis team LA Strings. This was her family business then. Later on, she grew to be the owner of Los Angeles Blades, a roller hockey team. After Jerry Buss’ death in the year 2013, his six children shared the ownership of the team. Jeanie Buss took to represent Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA and is now president of the team.

Born and brought up in California, Jeanie Buss is the 3rd child of her parents Jerry and Joann Buss. After her parents’ divorce when she was 11 years old, Jeanie Buss went on to live with her father. Since the age of 14, she used to attend world team tennis meetings with her father who was the then owner of Los Angeles Strings. At 17, she and her dad moved in to Pickfair, one of the most celebrated homes back then. She majored in business and graduated with honours from the USC. During her senior year, she was appointed as the general manager of the Strings by her father. Her career went on and now she is the controlling owner and president of the basketball team Los Angeles Lakers.

Jeanie Buss Net Worth 2018-2019

In the year 1990, she was married to Steve Timmons, a former volley-ball player but they divorced in 1993. She stated that to her, business is always put before marriage. Later, in 1999, she was engaged to Phil Jackson, former president of New York Kicks but the engagement was called off in 2016.

Buss began her career as the general manager of Los Angeles Strings. She went on to become the owner of Los Angeles blades in the roller hockey international. She served for 4 years as the president of Great Western Forum. Since the year 1995, she served as the alternate governor on the NBA board of governors. In 1999, she became the executive vice president of business operations for the LA Lakers. Along with this, she also became the president of the LA Lakers in 2013.

Jeanie Buss Net worth

Jeanie Marie Buss is an American entrepreneur and businesswoman who has a net worth of $20 million. She is famous for being the part-owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, a team of the National Basketball Association. She says this was all possible because of her father Jerry Buss, who had first introduced her to the business field by making her the general manager of the LA Strings. Her hard work and the blessing of such a fortune are the causes of her success today.

Nothing ever mattered more to Buss than her father’s legacy and the family business. She is one of the most powerful women in sports as of today and is happy in the field just as her father had always wished. The past 1 year of her career explains how much she can handle and overcome troubles any hurdles that she faces.