Jamie Dimon Net Worth

Who is Jamie Dimon and what is his net worth 2018? There are people that I would like to think they have a special brain that is programmed to excel in business because the impact they make in the world because of their business is just unimaginable. Men like Jamie Dimon fit in that category. They make you look at your business and swear that you will never sleep until you get to where they are. Even so, you may end up killing yourself because of lack of sleep yet their secret of success is that extra brain they have that is conditioned to excel in business.

Jamie Dimon is a renowned business executive born New York City in the year 1956 in January. He is of Greek descent, and he studied at Browning School. His father’s name is Theodore Dimon and his mother, Themis. He has a fraternal twin brother and an elder brother. After high school, he enrolled at Tufts University where he studied Psychology and Economics as his majors.

Jamie Dimon Net Worth 2018-2019

After his graduation, he worked at Shearson, a place where his father and grandfather also worked for two years at management consulting departments. Later he enrolled at Harvard School of Business where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration in the year 1982 and became a Baker Scholar.

After his graduation, he joined American Express after Weill convinced him to turn down other offers. In 1985, they both left the company, and they took charge over Commercial Credit which was a customer finance company. Dimon was given the office of the chief financial officer, and he worked hard to turn the company around. Even so, 1998, Dimon left the company, and the reasons for that have been contradictory. Even so, Dimon confirmed that he was fired by Weill.

In 2000, Dimon was named the Chief Executive Officer of Bank of which was ranked at position five among the largest banks. In 2004, Bank One was bought by JPMorgan Chase, and Dimon became the bank’s president as well as the Chief Operating Officer. Later on, he was named the Chief Executive Officer, and in 2006 he became the Chairman of the Board. In 2008, Dimon’s influence was further felt, and he became a board member of Federal Reserve Bank of New York under Class A.

The reign of Dimon was glorious, and he made JPMorgan Chase the leading bank in the United States of America. He made a lot of profits and was recognised for his tireless efforts to make business greater by the day. It was under his leadership that the bank received help from the government with its problem concerning troubled assets that were related to the mortgages by residents. This was under section A of Troubled Assets Relief Program. Even so, by 2009, the government had not actualized their intent, but this was not a big deal because JPMorgan Chase was standing strong.

Dimon has also been known to fund the Democratic Party even though he does not describe himself as much of a Democrat. Now, since he can fund a governmental, political party, you may be wondering how much he is worth, right?

Jamie Dimon net worth

Dimon is one business man that has his whole life figured out. His three children can live and enjoy life without working because of the fortune that their father already has. Dimon is worth $1.3 billion. This is shocking, right?

Dimon is a man that is worth our admiration. With a money-making mind like his, we can only hope that his kids have the genes for making money. But even if they do not have, their father has already secured their future. Study the life of Dimon, and many be that genius brain will rub off on you.