James Dolan Net Worth

Who is James Dolan and what is his net worth 2018? When one decides to start a business, it is always a great thing to think about the bigger picture and what you would want your company to grow into. Without the bigger picture, you will always be the small business person you were when you started. That is what made James Dolan the man that he is today. He is a renowned business man and also the executive chairman of Madison Square Garden Company and MSG Network. James is a man that we can describe to be accomplished. He runs his companies and over sees their day to day activities.

James L. Dolan was born in the year 1955 in May. Before venturing into business, he was interested in music and wanted to pick it as a career. However, he switched from it and chose Communications while at SUNY New Paltz. He worked for Cablevision in various posts. He was later sent to Cleveland by his father to oversee the launching of a radio station for sports. In 1995, he became Cablevision’s Chief Executive Producer.

James Dolan Net Worth 2018-2019

As a business man, James was against his father’s idea to go for Voom Satellite Service which was thought to be what was needed to catapult Cablevision to higher heights. After a long period of disagreements, James finally won and project Voom was shut down. This period saw him become a more independent business man as it separated him from his father’s influence and shadow.

In 1994, Cablevision and ITT Corporation acquired Paramount Communications from Viacom. The ownership between Cablevision and ITT Corporation was equal. In 1999, James was given more responsibility in managing the sports properties. The teams that are under him include New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Liberty, and Hartford Wolf Pack. He became the chairman of Madison Square Garden.

As the manager of New York Knicks, he has faced a lot of controversies because of his management skills and particularly when the team was not performing well in the early years. The fans blamed James and said the reason for the poor performance was his missteps. He also faced a lot of judgments while managing the New York Rangers. After winning the Stanley Cup in the year 1994, their performance went to worse and the fault was placed on James management of the team. Even so, he has also had successes with the team.

James came up with a number of policies that govern their media relations with any media house. He has strict rules about reporters interviewing his players without the necessary officials from MSG Network present. He also had zero tolerance for writers that criticised the organisation as well as the Knicks or the Rangers. This can be said to be a smart move because everyone needs a great working environment to perform maximally.

James Dolan net worth

James Dolan is a business man who is brilliant as well experienced. He has a lot of business skills and knowledge that he has learned over the years and he puts them to use. That is why he has been able to build his empire so big. His estimated net worth is $1.6 billion.

The only way that James was able to make the money he makes is by being hard working and dedicated to the course. If not he would not have been where he is. He also acknowledged the importance of being his own man and standing apart from his father’s shadow. It just shows his determination to be a self-made man.