J Prince Net Worth 2019

Who is J Prince and what is his net worth 2019? J Prince with his actual name as James Prince is one of the most successful CEO of his time. Let us take an insight into his work and how he made himself a successful CEO. Let us know little whereabouts of him and know his net worth. Born on 31st October 1964, J Prince worked initially for many years as a promoter of Houston’s, rap scene and its artists.

He also worked some time as a boxing manager of some of the best talents of the country like Andre Ward the most renowned Floyd Mayweather Jr. In today’s date, he has started working for the social upliftment of the society and thus promotes the underprivileged neighbourhoods and communities. He recently broke ground on a community center he is building in his old 5th Ward neighbourhood that will help young children, teens and adults to excel more in their lives.

J Prince Net Worth

J Prince has been honoured by the Mayor of the city Bill White and the City Council in the year 2007 for his excellent work and commitment to do something good for the underprivileged. His 20-year journey of working for the good deeds made him well renowned and famed all around the country. It was in the year 2010 when J Prince was again honoured for his contributions for the upliftment of the society and his wonderful philanthropic ventures. He is indeed not leaving any stone unturned to provide his services to go something for the betterment of the society.

Some of his major achievements include the following:

• He was the groundbreaker for the developing a recreation center in the 5th Ward which would help underprivileged children to excel in their life.

• This recreation center helps the children to get computer education by the help of different computer courses. It also works to train the interested children in athletics.

• He worked on bringing awareness about HIV/AIDS to the people from a poor background and in the black community.

Net Worth of J Prince

With his incredible work he became the CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records and this made him one of the most earning CEOs of the time. J Prince has the net worth of $55 million. No wonder his good deeds were paid back well and in the coming future, he would achieve even more.

J Prince is one of the most influential CEO of the time. His work speaks louder than his words and this is the reason why he got honoured at different occasions from some the prestigious people of the country. While his works for the upliftment of underprivileged people gain him recognition, his charitable ventures managed to get him a respectable position in the market. We hope in the coming days he works even more for minor people and helps them for their better survival.