Howard Schultz Net Worth

Honored as the “Businessperson of the Year”, Howard Schultz has been the CEO of Starbucks. He is presently the owner of the prestigious Seattle Supersonics. Apart from this, he has also been an active part of the BOD Square Inc. all of which has led to the eventual net worth of Steve Wynn to be around $2.9 Billion US dollars as of the year 2017.

The net worth of Howard Schultz owes an equal share to Maveron, a finance group co-established by Dan Levitan and Howard himself. Owing to his marvelous net worth, Howard was also rated as the 595th richest personality in the year 2016. Hence, let us all get closer to the flabbergasting success of Howard Schultz and appreciate his tough journey leading to the gorgeous net worth.

Howard Schultz Net Worth 2017-2018

Born on the 19th of July, 1953 to parents Fred Schultz and Elaine Lederman, Howard had a keen interest in outdoor sports of footbapll, baseball and basketball for which he had also won an athletic scholarship. Along with his sister, Howard had grown up in Canarsie and was schooled in the Canarsie High School. In 1975, he had received his graduation degree in communication.

In the year 1982, Howard had tied up the love knot with Sheri Kersch and have been blessed with a son named Jordan and a daughter, Addison. Jordan has been married to Breanna Hawes and is a writer for the sports column of The Huffington Post.

After graduating, Howard Schultz had taken up the job of a salesman for Xerox Corporation where he was soon graced with a promotion to a full sales representative. In 1979, he was appointed as the G.M for a Swedish coffee-maker manufacturing comoany Hammarplast. In 1981, Schultz used to pay visit to a representative of Hammarplast, a coffee-bean shop called Starbucks Coffee Company, in Seattle.

Schultz tried to influence Starbucks and religiously offer the espresso beverages along with the whole bean coffee, leaf teas and spices which used to be their trademark products. However, after getting refused repeatedly he was frustrated had finally resigned from Starbucks in 1985. He required $400,000 to start a business of his own and establish himself. He managed to raise all the money he needed by 1986, to inaugurate his very first store, “Il Giornale”. The store offered ice cream alongside coffee but had a very little seating capacity.

In 1988, Starbucks management went forward with the proposal of selling off the retailing portion to Schultz and his company for a sum of $3.8 Million. Henceforth Schultz had also changed “Il Giornale” to Starbucks. He aggressively expanded its reach throughout the US. Schultz’s inflexible insight in real estate and his uncompromising and sturdy focus in succeeding more helped him to enlarge and expand the company at a much faster rate.

In 1997, Schultz is also known to have composed two books in cooperation with Dori Jones and Joanne Gordan.

Howard was honored with the National Leadership Award in 1999, for his dedication and contribution to fight against AIDS. In the year 2004, he was awarded with the International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award for the success of Starbucks under his management. Three years later he was also honored with the “First Responsible Capitalism Award” too.

How much is Howard Schultz Net Worth in 2017

The career of Howard Schultz has been ever escalating with success. His collaboration with the Starbucks and later taking over the whole establishment had proved to be a major turnover. His hard work was appreciated with huge appreciations and unmatchable fame which has eventually led to the net worth of Howard Schultz to be $2.9 Billion US dollars as of the year 2017 .

Howard Schultz belonged to a very poor family and used to play football or basketball to get out of depression. However, with sheer hard work and umpteenth dedication he has changed the whole scenario. Ever since it’s establishment Starbucks has kept on increasing varieties giving it all the better reasons to succeed more.