Gaben Net Worth

Who is Gaben and what is his net worth 2018? Gabe Logan Newell is better known by his other name Gaben, is an American entrepreneur and a computer techie as well. Gaben is famous for developing distinguished games for the addicted gamers. Gaben is the one and only man who created and introduced the popular game Half-Life to the gamers. Being a student of Harvard University, an intelligent techie he is. The ultimate game builder is no less to anybody with a high increased net worth by introducing a series of games in the market. The net worth of Gaben is worth noticing and distinguishably different.

Gaben is an American by birth and was born on 3rd November 1962 in Washington in the United States. He was a dropout student of Harvard University. Soon, he became a software developer for the Microsoft Company. In the Microsoft Company, he used to work for the different operating system and built new software. While working with Microsoft, he soon developed an interest in PC games of different kinds.

Gaben Net Worth

In 1996, Gaben got hitched to Lisa Mennet Newell. They together have two sons. In 2006 and 2007, Gaben went through two operations of cornea transplant as he was affected by eye disease Fuchs’ dystrophy. Fortunately, he got totally cured after the two major eye operations.

Gaben started his career with the Microsoft Company as a production developer of the Windows operating system. He has served the company with complete dedication and effort for 13 years. While working in Microsoft he developed a unique interest in developing and creating games of various kinds. Sometime later in 1996, Gaben together with his colleague Mike Harrington quit Microsoft and together formed their own game company ‘Valve Corporation’ which is a video game developer company.

After founding the Valve Corporation, Gaben and his colleague created the two new games ‘Goldsrc’, and ‘Half-Life’.

After launching the game ‘Half-Life’, he soon began to work on ‘Half-Life 2’.

Gaben was specialised in making games for PC games and Windows supporting system. He was never interested or fascinated of creating games for Play Station.

Gaben was tagged as ‘A Name You Should Know’ by the Forbes Magazine for being the most techie guy of creating new PC games for the enthusiastic gamers.

The Valve Corporation, the game studio was a major turning point in Gaben’s life. It made him popular and got world recognition from the game lovers. The game Half-Life was a part of every youth of the 90s kid and was an addicting game for everybody.

Gaben Awards and Achievements

Gaben has received several awards for his popular game ‘Left 4 Dead’. The lists of awards include:

1. BAFTA Games Award for Best Game in 2009.
2. BAFTA Games Award for Best Game for ‘Life 4 Dead 2’ in 2010.
3. BAFTA Games Award for Audio and Sound for ‘Life 4 Dead 2’ in 2010.
4. BAFTA Games Award for Gameplay in 2009.
5. BAFTA Games Award for Action Game in 2010.

Gaben Net Worth

Gaben Newell is an American businessman and a game developer who created all the popular games for the gamers. His achievement in creating a well-developed games series change the world of video games for the youths and the game lovers. Through his successful establishment, he has managed to build a huge net worth by creating some magnificent games. His total net worth is about $5.6 billion.

Gaben Newell was a new challenge for game developer and in creating different kinds of magnificent games. He is an inspiration for many game developers who have instilled in them that urge to create unique games for the gamers. Being a Harvard University drop out, yet he never failed to achieve success in every possible way.