Erik Prince Net Worth

Who is Erik Prince and what is his net worth 2018? Erik Prince is recognised as an American based entrepreneur and prior U.S. Navy SEAL officer. He is finest acknowledged for starting government services as well as security company named Blackwater USA, currently identified as Academi. He also worked as the CEO of that company till year 2009 and afterwards as chairperson, till Blackwater Worldwide was traded in year 2010 to a collection of investors.

He presently leads a private equity firm named Frontier Resource Group as well as he is known as a chairperson of Frontier Services Group Ltd which is Hong Kong-listed. Remove your confusion regarding getting details of net worth of Erik Prince as you can get below:

Erik Prince Net Worth

Birthplace of Prince is Holland, located in Michigan. He is son of parents- Edgar D. Prince and Elsa. He is known to be the youngest of his parent’s four children. He completed graduation from a high school and he was acknowledged in United States Naval Academy. Moreover, he appeared there for span of three semesters prior leaving it, quoting that he respected the Navy but hated the Academy.

He later gained degree of B.A. in economics in year 1992. In year 1990, he attained a low-level type internship in White House below control of George Bush. After completing college, this celebrity was appointed as officer in United States Navy through Officer Candidate School during year 1992.

He terminated his U.S. Navy based service early in year 1995 during the time his father passed away. He accepted control of regular operations in Prince Machine Corporation for period of one year till year 1996 while his mother traded the company for worth of $1.35 billion in form of cash to Johnson Controls.

Prince actually credits year 1994 Rwandan massacre through his decision to begin Blackwater. He afterwards stated that it actually bothered him. It also let him realise that he cannot sit back and preach as you need to act. From period of 1997 to 2010, Blackwater was known to be awarded with $2 billion in government security based deals, higher than $1.6 billion of these they were disorganised federal agreements and an unidentified worth of confidential work.

This officer presently controls a private based equity firm named as Frontier Resource Group as well as he works as chairperson of Frontier Services Group Ltd, identified as a Bermuda-incorporated based logistics company. It was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Prince too acquired 25% stake in Austrian based aviation company Airborne Technologies. In year 2014, he too commissioned this company to adapt Thrush 510G crop-dusters trough machine guns, surveillance equipment, armour, as well as many other weapons.

Erik Prince Net worth

Erik Prince is broadly recognised as an American based businessman as well as previous US Navy SEAL attaining net worth of $2.5 billion. He stayed as founder as well as owner of a military company named XE, alternatively recognised as Blackwater Worldwide. Majority of his fortune originates from one automotive accessory based empire launched by his grandfather.

Right from year 1997, his company- Blackwater Worldwide is known as major private military firms all over the world presently. Not just it was bestowed by more than $1.6 billion worth of federal deals, but this company has too gained $600 million worth of categorised agreements from Central Intelligence Agency (briefly as CIA) from year 2001. As for latest CIA, it prized them with approximately $100 million worth of deal done in year 2010.

Initially, Erik Prince rose to prominence by being U.S. Navy SEAL officer. He is founder as well as owner of a military company named as Blackwater Worldwide which added a great share to his fame and wealth.