Eric Schmidt Net Worth

Who is Eric Schmidt and what is his net worth 2018? Eric Schmidt one of the most well known American software Engineer. He has experience of working in Bell Laboratories, Palo Alto Research Center, Sun Microsystems, Novell, Google, Apple and many more. He is very talented and has managed to prove it in all his interviews and task provided. He has also managed to get his place in one of the higher authorities in almost every firm he worked with, this reflects his leadership qualities. He has worked as an active member of board of trustees for many renowned universities like Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

Eric Schmidt not only showed up in industrial and technical skills, he also has some political contributions. In year 2008, he was one of the member of the ‘United States President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology’ he helped Barack Obama as an informal adviser and major donors in the Presidential campaign and lot more to include in this list.

Eric Schmidt Net Worth

Eric Schmidt was born on 27th April 1955, Falls Church, Virginia, United States. He has two siblings, all boys. He was fond of studying that made him getting his B.S. degree in Electrical engineering and masters in Pyschology and PhD in Computer Science. His various discipline study and their interconnection made Eric an all rounder in all fields.

He is currently the executive chairman of the Alphabet, Inc. Previously He has been an intern in Bell Laboratories where he has written program for lexical-analysers with his colleague Mike Lesk. The code was called Lex which is an important tool for compiler’s construction.

He has worked in many multinational companies and was able to create his position in the board of higher authorities.

At the age of 25 years, Eric Schmidt got married Wendy Susan Boyle. They met for the first time in their graduate school, in the University of California, Berkeley since then they were together till 2010. In 2011 they separated. They have two daughters named Allison and Sophie. The reason of their separation is not revealed socially also because Eric and Wendy don’t share much of their personal stuffs socially.

Since his high-school Eric has been brilliant and curious to learn. He always gave preference to knowledge. He has done his schooling in his hometown for higher education he went to the University of California, Berkeley. He holds his PHD in EECS. He was intern at Bell Laboratories and after that he got placed with Sun Microsystems Inc. where he played very important roles.

Then he joined Novell and after it he was selected by Google to work with them. He made his name everywhere he has worked also for Apple and as a political advisor for Barack Obama at the time of elections and after.

Eric Schmidt Net Worth

When he worked with Google, he had received salary of upto of $250,000 excluding annual bonus. At that time he was also included him as 136th richest person in the world in year 2011. His net worth is $14.3 billion. Eric is being ranked 119th in the list the world’s richest men. Although this is not a very big deal for Eric. Schmidt. After he resigned the Apple’s Board of Directors, he started up again with a company which is Google initiated, at present he is holding the post of executive chairman of Alphabet, Inc.

Eric being hard working and determined also has great hand over knowledge, is a good person by heart as well. He has invested his lots of money in stock market. Thus he holds a larger part of his net due to share market stocks. He is one of the richest man having ample knowledge and that’s why he is being appreciated wherever he goes. He is a nice hearted man but has managed to create some controversies. Overall personality of Eric Schmidt is very nice and ideal.