Donald Sterling Net Worth

Who is Donald Sterling and what is his net worth 2018? Donald Sterling is a well-known name in the American business. He owns a lot of fortune and a big name in the business sector of America. He was once the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball team and NBA till 2014. Thus, he is one of the richest men in the American business world.

He was born on April 26, 1934, to a Jewish couple. They were basically the immigrants living in America and he was born there. When he was 2 years old they moved to LA where he attended Boyle Heights School and did a lot of things there. After that, he attended the California state university and southwestern university of law in 1956. His formal surname was Tokowitz which he then changed to Sterling in a hope that it would bring fortune to his family. He has a lot of ups and down in his life before he established himself as a businessman and thus had a lot of story behind it.

Donald Sterling Net Worth 2018-2019

His life is always on quite a roll for an adventure and quite a scandalous. He married women named Shelly in 1955 and has 3 kids who are grownups now. He has a number of affairs and thus was considered quite romantic. After a time his wife filed a divorce and they both lived separately around 2 years. At The end of a new-year eve in 2012, he lost his son. Now it is said that he has solved the issues with his wife and thus stopped the divorce proceeding.

In 1961 he beginner his real career in the law suits and started as the divorce attorney on the court. At the same time, he started investing in the real estate. His real estate investments made him a rich man and with a fortune of luck bring a lot of fame. After that around 1979, he bought the football team in LA going with a friend advice with around $13 million. Then he started in the business and his racist comment at a football gave him a downfall and is still struggling.

Taking about his life and things he has done so far it is nearly impossible for him to receive any honour or the awards in anything. He has two career alternatives in law and business and he has not achieved any awards in either of them

Donald Sterling Net Worth

Donald Sterling is one of the most scandalous business men of America and thus gained a lot of attention in media. His net worth is around $3.5 billion which he has gained from the football teams and real estate. He has gained the money from various sources and thus has a royal life.

Thus, Donald Sterling is one of the most controversial businessmen in America. His racist comment was the reason for his downfall but he already has the fortune locked up in the bank and can survive the best life he wants.