Don Schumacher Net Worth

Who is Don Schumacher and what is his net worth 2018? Don Schumacher has seen success wearing many hats ranging from an amazing racing car driver, to a car owner and businessman. Drag-Racing circles consider him Don Schumacher as royalty with a tally of 5 NHRA event titles as a driver and an astonishing 13 NHRA world championships as a car owner. Hailing from the home town of Grand Rapids in Michigan, born on November 4 1944 and Don resides in the state of Illinois. He holds the amazing distinction of winning over 70% of the races from 1968 to 1974 of a total of 560 match races.

Don Schumaker is not only known for his racing and owning of cars, but instrumental in making drag-racing a whole lot safer with innovations such as the roof mounted escape hatch in drag racing cars which allowed car drivers to escape from an in-car fire through the hatch. He also came up with a mounted lever to activate what is known as a fire suppressor that allows drag-racers to maintain one of their hands on the wheel.

Don Schumacher Net Worth 2018-2019

The year 1974 saw Don Schumaker leave racing to get involved with the Schumacher Electric Corporation – the family business. And this required his full attention and time. He is married to his Spouse Sara and has four children, one of them being a son.

Schumaker was the first person in the racing community at the time across the world to make a serious effort with regard to integrating the drag-racing with the business world in the form of sponsorships. There is no end to the list of laurels won by Don including unlikely titles such as Coco-Cola Cavalcade of Stars Championship for Funny Cars, several international Hot Rod events and even the 1973 Hot Rod Association World Championship.

March 2013 saw Don Schumaker Racing attaining its 200th event title which was a landmark for DSR. His motto is to never settle for anything less than the best, and every point in his career reflects the same. DSR is known not only for employing and running race teams, but also for the manufacture of products such as battery chargers and Schumacher Electric Welders and more. It employs a 900 strong workforce which has steadily grown with time.

Don Schumacher Net Worth

With a well-earned Net Worth of $320 Million, nothing is out of reach for Don. His previous racing laurels, his currently active racing and manufacturing company, endorsements and sponsorships all contribute greatly to keeping Don a wealthy individual.

Don’s Passion for racing went beyond just the racing track and into the design houses of motor companies, where he designed various safety mechanisms for drag-racing cars, among other engine, clutch and aerodynamic advancements.

He is known by the Nickname “The Shoe” and is and will always be remembered for his unmatched number of event races that he won. Don is also well known for hiring some of the best drivers and riders in the world including Pro Stock Motorcycle riders Angelle Sampey, Antron Brown, Chip Ellis and Craig Treble and Top Fuel driver Melanie Troxel and a whole lot more.