Dave Turin Net Worth

Who is Dave Turin and what is his net worth 2018? Dave Turin is a civil engineer. He is considered one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. He is a mining expert who has been in the rock quarry business for more than twenty-five years. Dave was a prominent athlete during his school and college days. However, he chose to pursue a career in civil engineering after completing his studies. He is also a part of Hoffman Crew and has appeared on the Discovery channel series ‘Gold Rush’. Dave runs a successful family quarry business as well.

Dave Turin was born on 21 April 1959, in Sandy, Oregon. He was a famous athlete in his college. He played college football during his time there. But his interest in engineering made him focus on his studies. He earned a professional degree in Civil Engineering and joined his father and brother in their family business. Dave ran the business successfully for more than twenty-five years.

Dave Turin Net Worth 2018-2019

Dave Turin is happily married to Shelly. He met her in college and fell in love with her. Shelly works as a nurse. The couple has three children together.

Dave Turin started his career as a Civil Engineer right after his graduation. He became part of his family rock quarry business. His experience as a quarry earned him a spot as a consultant to the famous Hoffman mining crew. However, he was hired as a part-timer and did not join the crew at that time.

He was still running his family business and joined Hoffman Crew on the second season of ‘Gold Rush’. He became a celebrity and rose to fame very quickly. Dave lacked experience as a miner but his expertise in moving ground and keeping the crew safe was no match. He became an essential part of the crew and helped them in their mining efforts on several claims in six seasons of ‘Gold Rush’.

He was also a key figure in finding a large sum of Gold during the fifth and sixth season of the show. Dave left the crew in the seventh season; it was mostly because of no success and his quarrel with a crew member ‘Trey Poulso’. It was the end of his career as a miner and he retired at the age of fifty-seven in the year 2016.

Dave Turin Net Worth

Dave Turin became one of the most successful Civil Engineers after joining the TV show ‘Gold Rush’. He worked on several claims with Hoffman crew and was an essential part of their success in Gold mining. He earned quite handsomely from the show. Securing a large amount of Gold during the sixth season of the show added a lot to his net worth. Dave Turin has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Dave Turin is a professional miner and reality TV personality as well. He is loved by his fans for his endeavors in ‘Gold Rush’. He is also considered the only member of the crew to actually know what he is doing.