Calvin Klein Net Worth

If you are a fashion freak you must be well aware of the brand Calvin Klein. With its top notch quality of apparels, Calvin Klein has managed to become one of the most preferred and also highly expensive brands of the time. With its wide range of perfumes, watches, and jewelry along with the clothes it becomes a wonderful brand to ponder upon. Let’s know all about Calvin Klein and how much he makes by knowing his net worth.

Calvin Klein Biography

Born on 19th November 1942, Calvin Richard Klein is a well renowned American Fashion designer who has made his brand famous all around the world. He launched his company which in the year 1968 becomes Calvin Klein Inc. and includes a line of clothing, perfumes, watches, and jewelry. Born in Jewish Family from Flore (née Stern) and Leo Klein at New York, Calvin received an honorary Doctorate in 2003 from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Calvin Klein Net Worth 2017-2018

After doing apprentice in oldline cloak-and-suit manufacturer and gaining much experience by designing at other New York City shops he launched his own company. When he launched his first jeans line it got praised from all over and become an instant hit of the time.

Apart from having his own fashion line Klein also made a cameo appearance in Season 3, Episode 15 (“The Bubble”), of the television series 30 Rock. It was a fictionalized version of him where he made an appearance in Season 4, Episode 13 (“The Pick”), of the televisionseries Seinfeld.

Calvin was a Jewish and married in the year 1964 with a textile designer Jayne Centre. Although the couple got separated after 10 years of their marriage in the year 1974, they had a daughter Marci who works as NBC’s Saturday Night Live. After being alone for 10-12 years he again got married to Kelly Rector who was his assistant.

They tied the knot in the year 1986. Kelly Rector later turned out to be one prominent socialite photographer. The couple got separated after 10 years of their marriage in the year 1996 and again after 10 years got legally divorced. As per the reports after having two broken marriages, Calvin got involved with a male porn star Nick Gruber for around two years.

Calvin is also into the politics and supports the Democratic Party. Since 1980 it is estimated that he has given around $250,000 to candidates and PACs.

Calvin Klein has managed to grab many accolades during his entire career among which few make him renowned worldwide. The major awards given to him are:

• When in the year 1974 he designed the tight fitting signature jeans the sales of the first year goes as high as $200,000 which is one of his achievements in the fashion industry.

• Again in the year 1974, he received an award from CFDA in their award show for making outstanding designer apparels in men’s and women’s wear.

• In the year 1983, he got his place in the International Best Dressed List making him gaining popularity all around the world.

• In 1981 and 1983 he got awards from Councils of Fashion Designs of America and get him recognized everywhere.

How much is Calvin Klein Net worth in 2017

Calvin Klein made a huge net worth of around $800 million as of 2017 and this makes him one of the highest earning fashion designers of the time. With his huge net worth, he owns some of the best assets, cars, and mansions in the world. It won’t be coming as a surprise when his net worth would elevate in the coming years.

His love for fashion and designing has made him work so hard and dedicatedly that in today’s date million of people are his fan followers and follow him passionately to get his latest designer apparels in their wardrobe. No wonder with time Calvin Klein would sky rocket his net worth and income profile.

Calvin Klein has taken toil in the fashion industry and the fashion designer aspirants look at him for all the inspirations. Since the starting of his endeavors, he has made a huge impact in his industry and this is the reason why his expensive clothes, perfumes, watches and jewelry get high sales every time.