Anil Ambani Net Worth

Who is Anil Ambani and what is his net worth 2018? The Chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, Anil Ambani is well known throughout the Indian subcontinent and even most parts of the world. Being one of the biggest conglomerates in India, the ADA group belongs to the wealthiest families in India; Anil easily makes the top 100 list of wealthiest people in the world with plenty of room to spare. Born on the 4th of June, 1959 in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, Anil earned his bachelor’s degree from Mumbai University and his MBA from Wharton. Anil controls the entertainment and energy telecom sectors of the Ambani Empire.

The younger of the two sons of the late Business Magnate Dhirubhai Ambani, Anil has a famous elder brother Mukesh along with two sisters named Deepti Salgaonkar and Nina Kothari. Anil lived his childhood as any child would in a joint Indian Family. Until the family split, the Ambanis lived for a long time in a 14 Floored apartment in Colaba. Anil joined his father’s Reliance Industries as the Co –CEO. Success comes naturally to Anil, being credited for taking Reliance to new heights in terms of financial gain.

Anil Ambani Net Worth

He is also responsible for leading India’s first venture into the overseas capital markets. This includes international public contributions of worldwide depositary bonds, receipts and convertibles. People hailed Anil as a Financial Wizard of sorts when he raised over $2 Billion from overseas financial markets alone. Anil also holds the distinction of being elected as an Independent member of the Rajya Sabha. Anil is married to Tina Munim, a Bollywood actress and has two sons.

Whether it is conquering the business world in style, or giving back to the society as a political administrator, Anil Ambani has done it all. He serves as the Chairman on the Board of Governors of DA-IICT, along with being a part of the Board of Governors of IIT, Kanpur. He has been instrumental in bringing Reliance Entertainment and Telecom into the spotlight with his innovative business strategies and implementations.

Backed by the Samajwadi Party, he also was elected and served as an Independent Rajya Sabha MP. He has been honoured with “Businessman of the Year” in 1997, and Times of India branded him the Businessman of the Year in 2006 and the Platts Global Energy awards named him CEO of the Year in 2004.

Anil Ambani Net Worth

It will come as no surprise that he easily makes the cut when it makes to the list of the wealthiest people in the world as stated by Forbes. He has an estimated net worth of $2.9 billion. With the accumulation of Anil Ambani’s wealth showing no signs of slowing down, the future looks bright for this powerhouse of a national businessman.

Anil Ambani needs no introduction in this country or abroad. He has a down to earth attitude and believes in clean living by exercising and staying away from alcohol and non-vegetarian food. He is brilliant at handling enterprise finances on an international scale achieving a great deal of success in the same. He has also been seen fording over various obstacles such as financial pitfalls, and negative criticism in the Business world due to no fault of his own. All in all, India has a bright future with a visionary like Anil Ambani leading the way.