Andrew Frankel Net Worth 2018

Who is Andrew Frankel and what is his net worth 2018? Andrew Frankel is a proficient business man. He was involved in brand management at Hasbro and Mega Bloks Toy Company. He was raised up in Philadelphia (PA) area where he also pursued his college education. He is the Co-president of Stuart Frankel and Co; a Wall Street institutional brokerage. In 2015, he married Blue Blood star Bridget Moynahan.

Early Life

Andrew Frankel was born on 20th August 1974 to his parents Stuart Frankel and Sharyn Frankel. He was raised up in Philadelphia area where he pursued his education up to college level at The University of Pennsylvanian. He pursued a Bachelor Degree (Arts) in Economics from 1990-1994. He was always passionate about toys and media synergy in his teens. This passion presented him with consistent opportunities in driving public exposure for projects. In addition, he got to grasp understanding on effective marketing campaigns and implementations. He moved to Los Angeles at the onset of 1997 and sought out acting experience on set production.

Andrew Frankel Net Worth

Andrew Frankel is known by many as a businessman. He is thrilled by technology and has a unique ability to play along. In 1989, he worked on the picture “Alien Space Avenger,” produced by his cousin Robert A. Harris. He also worked with the Virginia based Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency as an assistant for a regional Chevrolet Commercial.


In 1993, he worked in a studio as a news reporter, anchor, writer, camera operator, editor and audio operator for “UTV13 News Digest.” In 1999, Andrew worked at Kenner Toy Company where he was promoted to the Hasbro Toy Group Headquarters. His innovation and development include Jurassic Park, Batman, Star Wars, Transformers and GI Joe. In 2004, He served as a creative consultant for the CGI feature, “Dragons: Fire and Ice.”

Andrew Frankel and the gorgeous model and actress Bridget Moynahan got married in the year 2015. They exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple does not have a child together yet but Moynahan has a son by the name Jack from her previous relationship with Tom Brady. Andrew and Bridget met through a close friend and kept their relationship secret until their wedding day.

Net Worth of Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel is the head of Stuart Frankel and Co. which was founded in 1973 by his father Stuart Frankel. Andrew is an expert in many niches including assets management, Bloomberg brokerage, portfolio management, investments, trading systems among others. His estimated net worth is $1.5 million. He owes this wealth to his success as a businessman who have contributed his expertise in organisational development for different firms.

Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan are happily married. Bridget is an actress on the “Blue Blood” show. She expresses her happiness for marrying Andrew Frankel describing him as a man who appreciates everything she does no matter how little it is. At their wedding ceremony, the couple did not receive gifts from their guests but instead, they requested the guests to donate the gifts to “The Hole in Wall Gang Camp,” which serves the youths with cancer and other serious blood diseases.