U2 Net Worth

U2 are basically an Irish based rock band belonging from Dublin and created in year 1976. This group contains of Bono (proficient in lead vocals as well as rhythm guitar), the Edge (proficient in keyboards, lead guitar, and backing vocals), Adam Clayton (proficient in bass guitar), and Larry Mullen Jr. (proficient in percussion and drums and).

Originally entrenched in post-punk, this band’s musical style developed through their career, yet it has upheld an anthemic sound made on expressive vocals by Bono and the effects-based guitar textures by Edge. Net worth of U2 is high due to inclusion of talented members in the band, get further details below:

U2 Net Worth 2017-2018

The band was formed in Dublin in year 1976. Larry Mullen Jr., who was a student of age 14-years at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, uploaded a note on the notice board of school in hunt of musicians intended for a latest band. In this regards, total six people have responded.

Locating instruments in his kitchen, Mullen was playing on drums, along with Paul Hewson (referred as “Bono“) playing on lead vocals; David Evans (referred as “the Edge”) as well as his elder brother named Dik Evans playing on guitar, also Adam Clayton, recognized as a friend of the Evans brothers playing on bass guitar. Originally Ivan McCormick as well as Peter Martin, known as two additional friends of Mullen were also included in it.

The band was created while the members were just teenagers through restricted musical talent. In span of four years, the members have contracted with Island Records as well as launched a debut album entitled as Boy in year 1980.

Succeeding work like their initial UK number-one type album entitled War in year 1983, as well as the singles namely “Pride (In the Name of Love)” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” assisted to found U2’s status as a socially and politically conscious group. During era of mid-1980s, the band has turned famous internationally on account of their live act, emphasized through their performance made at Live Aid in year 1985.

Suffering from creative unproductivity and a repercussion after their documentary based album entitled as Rattle and Hum in year 1988, U2 has reinvented during 1990s by a latest musical direction as well as public image. Starting by their commended seventh album entitled Achtung Baby as well as multimedia concentrated Zoo TV Tour, this band has united influences derived from electronic dance music, alternative rock, as well as industrial music to its sound, as well as incorporated a higher caustic, frivolous image.

How much U2 Net Worth in 2017

This Irish rock band named U2 possesses a notable net worth of $900 million US dollars as of 2017. The band has sold over 150 million records internationally, received 22 Grammy Awards. Soon U2 transformed as one among the greatest prevalent rock & roll bands of era of 1980s. Basically, it was rock & roll campaigners in a period of combined pop and heavy metal, correspondingly acknowledged for their comprehensive sound as for their impressive statements regarding religion and politics.

It is known that U2 has broken the record for being the maximum grossing tour during year 2011, accepting the title from the Rolling Stones. The travelling tour amplified the amount grossed from the back directory, retail and airplay to over £6m per year. Moreover, Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson (Bono), Larry Mullen and the Dave Evans (the Edge) received around one-fifth of sales individually, similar to the manager named Paul McGuinness, who too has an investment portfolio as well as art. This band’s invested career pays boost them to £519m.

U2 ban’s lyrics, frequently elaborated with mystical imagery, emphasis on personal as well as sociopolitical themes. Widespread for its live performances, this group have performed many ambitious and extravagant tours during their career. The group has released 13 studio albums and also it is one of the best-selling music artists of world ever in history, with sell of over 170 million records globally.