The Vamps Net Worth 2018

Who is The Vamps and what is The Vamps net worth 2018? Solo stars do shine in the music field. However, if your brand of music is the heavy one such as pop or rock, you need a band to carry you forward. Hence, you find many music bands tasting success in the music field. The ‘Vamps’ are one such band to make it big in the UK music scene.

It is all about excellent coordination in a band. You can see them in plenty with The Vamps. An exclusively British band, The Vamps have four members who have stood through thick and thin since 2012. Brad Simpson leads the band with his guitar and vocals. He gets able support from Connor Ball with his bass guitar and vocals. James McVey is also a guitar player and vocal singer. Tristan Evans with his drums and vocals complete the quartet.

The Vamps Net Worth

Cover songs have been their favourite. One such cover song uploaded to You Tube brought them the requisite fame. This one song drew comparisons with ‘One Direction’ leading to a contract with Mercury Records. In addition to performing on this platform, they assisted singers such as Demi Lovato, etc.

They had an excellent debut with their first single peaking at #2 on the UK Singles Charts. The trend continued with their second song, ‘Wild Heart’ reaching a high of #3 on the same charts. The band released this song in the US and Canada in 2014.

This is a band having young boys as their members. Hence, there are bound to be comparisons with a similar kind of band, One Direction. The unique aspect of this band, The Vamps is that each member plays his own instruments.

Education: Not much information is available of the education of the four members of the band. They started singing at a very young age. In 2012, the oldest member of the band, James McVey was just 18 years old. This can give you an idea about the composition of the band.

Net Worth of The Vamps

This is a band of four young boys. Hence, we shall look at the combined net worth of the band. The net worth of the Vamps is estimated $9.5 Million. One of the biggest albums has been ‘Wake Up’ having netted $1,750,000 followed by Meet the Vamps at $1,400,000. The members of the band are very young with no one having touched 25 years of age. Hence, you can only expect this band to scale new heights. Of course, they need to maintain their unity at all costs.

This is a band of four different individuals. Their main asset is the unstinting friendship between these four young boys. One should appreciate that they come from different backgrounds with nothing in common between them except the love for creating music. Hence, one should say that their music and their instruments are their best assets.

The band has a very interesting history. The founder member of the band, James McVey was an accomplished singer contracted to Prestige Management. He wanted to break free from this contract. He met Bradley Simpson through YouTube. As a pair, they started writing songs with Simpson doing most of the singing. Tristan Evans joined this group through Facebook. The met their fourth member, Connor Ball via a common friend. Hence, one can call this band a social media band.

This band is a growing one. At present, they are famous in the UK. They have released their songs in the US and Canada. Music does not have any boundaries. It would just be a matter of time before this band gains worldwide attention.

Bands such as these function very well in the initial parts of the formation. Subsequently, differences crop up because of revenue sharing and a host of other factors. One sincerely hopes that such things do not happen to this band. This is a talented band in all respects. The music world could ill afford to lose this band as they have lost umpteen numbers of bands in the past.