Section Boyz Net Worth 2019

Who is Section Boyz and what is Section Boyz net worth 2019? Section Boys is a UK based English rap group with hard-edged rhymes over productions that involve 808 bass drums, throbbing sub-bass, and rattling hi-hats often draw from the U.S trap music. It has its base in South-London and it consist Swift, Deepee, Knine, Littlez, Inch & Sleeks as group members. These six members band are still very much in their artistic infancy. They together are a part of a new generation of artists from Croydon area. Section Boyz sound sits somewhere between the ad-lib trap of Migos and Rae Sremmurd.

What differentiate them others is the strange personalities. Whether it’s bangers for the car, bangers for the headphones or bangers for the rave, this particular rap group will make you feel sort eccentric way. In 2014, they issued their first mixtape “Sectionly” which was later followed by “Don’t Panic” in 2015. “Don’t Panic” received a huge applause from its listener and its peaked 36th position in U.K chart.

Section Boyz Net Worth

The spirit of the group certainly feels organic, with all six members’ answers questions with no ringleader. They are warm and charming, despite not always giving that much away, especially one of the member of the group Reeko’s departure in 2014.

Section Boyz is a group of six members, but previously they were seven members. Reeko Squeeze left due to creative differences. Littlez and Section Boyz came together thanks to UK rapper ghost who created the group. Although Section Boyz have been releasing music together for a long time, including 2014’s standout ‘Section Only’ mixtape, things started picking up after they released a song called ‘Lock Arrf’. It was heavily championed among the U.K underground Hip Hop scene. It joined succession of hits including ‘Trappin Ain’t Dead’ and ‘Who Needs A Hook?’.

By taking dark musings of the streets and lacing it with the quick-wit, these boys have helped restore people’s faith in a scene that lacked creativity, originality and consistency for the last two years. Section Boys are compared to US rap group Migos – who gained fame after Drake remixed their 2013 track ‘Versace’. As noted by Complex, both groups have been co-signed by Drizzy, both play an important part in their respective Hip-Hop scenes.

In addition to their own studio output of Section Boyz, they have appeared on tracks of Stardom (“Da Boyz”)and TE dness (“How It Look”). Their album Don’t Panic earned a spot in UK Top 40 album. This album received a support from Drake, Skepta and Stormy and this was released on 18th September 2015.

In March 2016, they released a new music video for the Dig Dat, which had more than million views in two months. The band also successfully performs live on stage whenever they have a chance. There is no doubt that Section Boyz crew is going to raise both their net worth and success in near future.

Net Worth of Section Boyz

Section Boys have gained both fame and wealth. At present, they are at the centre court of this rap industry. Their combined net worth is around $1 million. In addition to album they have also contributed with ads and endorsement. Apart from these earning Section Boyz receives significant amount from Awards and Bonus. Millions of followers on social networking sites enable them to earn nice amount of money.

Section Boyz band is couple of years old in the industry. Therefore it is quite difficult to estimate their actual assets. According to different sources, they own a house in South London and with a decent car collection. But these figures will be improved with a correct data in coming times and will be updated accordingly. Some media person reports that, their net worth is expected to increase in the next few years.

Section Boyz were handed their first ever MOBO Award for “Best Newcomer” in November 2015. They have beaten strong contender like Bugzy Malone, Bonkas, Nick Brewer, George The Poet, and more. The MOBO commended the group for influencing UK music with their signature trap sound and earning the attention of Drake. “Don’t Panic” peaked at No.3 at UK R&B chart position.

Recently Rita Ora confirmed Section Boys will be on her new album. She admitted that the Hip-Hop collective will be featured on her new album on a song called “We Don’t Ramp”.