P Square Net Worth 2019

Who is P Square and what is P Square net worth 2019? P-Square is acknowledged as a Nigerian based R&B duo of talented identical twin brothers namely Peter Okoye as well as Paul Okoye. These brothers produce as well as launch its albums by Square Records. In year 2011, the duo too contracted one record deal in association with label of Akon’s Konvict Muzik. In year 2012, they contracted one record distribution contract with Universal Music South Africa. Net worth of P Square is simply grossed high from their career in music mainly, get more details below:

P-Square started appearing in a secondary school, recognised as a small Catholic based school in Jos, located in Nigeria. These brothers-Peter and Paul attended their school music as well as drama club in which they started working in dancing, singing, and impersonating songs through Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, and Michael Jackson.

P Square Net Worth


The duo created one cappella quartet named as “MMMPP” (composed of M Clef a.k.a. Itemoh, Melvin, Michael, Peter and Paul). Taking motivation from its music idol i.e. Michael Jackson, the duo started break dancing, created a group named “Smooth Criminals” in year 1997. Moreover, they dropped out M Clef from this group which was afterwards modified to “MMPP”.

Afterwards in year 1999, they came back to music school in order to enhance their skills on drums, keyboard, bass and rhythm guitar. The duo’s work encompasses soundtracks dedicated for many films namely Mama Sunday, Tobi, Moment of Bitterness as well as Evas River. Later, they created their personal group, namely “P&P”, “Double P”, and “Da Pees”, till they finally settled on famous group i.e. “P Square”.

It was in year 2001 that “P-Square” got win in “Grab Da Mic” named competition, and henceforth Benson & Hedges subsidised their debut album entitled Last Nite. During late 2007, they also launched its best-selling album till now, entitled as Game Over. This album has sold around 8 million copies globally.

In year 2010, this group was entitled as the Artist of the Year on the Kora Awards in Ouagadougou, in Burkina-Faso when the group was present in London for one concert held at Troxy.

After Peter Okoye dated for seven years, he became engaged to his girlfriend named Titilola Loretta Omotayo. This couple are now parents to son named Cameron and daughter named Aliona. In year 2013, both of them arranged their traditional type marriage in Nigeria. The other brother i.e. Paul Okoye encountered Anita Isama in year 2004 when appearing in one university. The couple’s son named Andre was born in year 2013 and they got married in year 2014.

Net Worth of P Square

Net worth of R&B duo entitled P-Square is $140 million. Through six highly successful albums and yet counting, next highest through any musician in Africa, anybody will be in no doubt but to accept that or even higher.

It is known that P-Square demands anywhere between $150,000 to $300,000 every show over Africa, positioning them as the greatest costly artistes all over Africa by music downloads, miles Album sales, ad revenues, loyalties, all of these combined conveys in average i.e. $10 million every year which is too known as the maximum by any of the musical groups in Africa.

Apart from this, the duo P-Square possesses record labels i.e. Northside Entertainment, Square Record, and P Classic. Moreover, they also manage many forthcoming performers. It is revealed that such firm worth is approximately $30 dollars jointly. Besides, P-Square possesses bottled water firm as well as fruit juice production based company which are completely active in Nigeria. Both these companies have worth of around $15 million and it would also worth higher in the upcoming years while they hit complete capacity usage as well as production.

P Square groups’ artistic ability and precise dance type routine shortly created them as a household name all over city of Jos. This is the place where they excellently performed during occasions of school functions as well as many occasions. Today there are very few R&B duo brothers who are so famed as this one.