Lukas Graham Net Worth

Who is Lukas Graham? What is net worth of Lukas Graham? If you are ever into the Danish pop and soul music, Lukas Graham is the first name that will come to your mind. Lukas Graham is a Danish pop and soul band of which Lukas Graham Forchhammer is the lead vocalist. Since 2012, they are rocking the Danish dance floor with many favourites and hits such as ‘Then We Take the World in”, “Mama Said”, “7 Years” etc.

On 2013, Lukas Graham Forchhammer and their band became number one on the Danish Charts. Later on 2014, they conquered the number two place on Billboard Hot 100 list which ranks among other country’s lists as well. Finally, on 2016, their first self-titled debut album was officially released globally by Warner Bros. Records, and they never looked back on their path again.

Lukas Graham Net Worth 2017-2018

Lukas Graham Biography and Family

If you are going to judge Lukas Graham’s childhood with present scenario, you are going to judge all wrong! Hailing from Freetown Christiana in Denmark, Lukas Graham rather has some different story to tell. He was born on Sept 18, 1988. They were not poor, but they were not rich either. His mother, Eva Forchhammer, worked on Nightshift cleaning and his father, Eugene Graham, repaired and refurbished antique stoves and oven. Since childhood, he got the inspiration to make music from his family and surroundings. Lukas Graham had a family tradition which is named as ‘The Musical Kitchen and Dining room”.

They used to play their favourite albums as loud as they want to and this tradition has shaped Graham’s ear for the perfect music and sound. His mother was a music teacher, and his father has Irish roots; these two things inspired Lukas on his musical journey a lot. His songs have the lyrics of regular lives of what he faced during his childhood, and it inspires people to keep on with life.

At the age of eight, he joined the COPENHAGEN BOYS’ CHOIR and made an apprentice for classical music and developed a skilled voice as well. After that, he has struggled a lot but finally made it to the Warner Bros. and Billboards and paved his way to the musical history.

Education: Being a Christiania resident, Lukas Graham never went through the official education system. He went to a local school in Christiania. Later he studied law to make his locality a better place, but at the end, he found his peace in music. From the age of 3, he had his ears shaped for music, and at the age of 8, he joined COPENHAGEN BOYS’ CHOIR. He developed his skilled voice at this stage, and his mother also helped him to achieve this. After a long musical journey with ups and downs, he made his own band, Lukas Graham, in the year of 2012.

Lukas Graham Net Worth

Lukas Graham’s net worth currently stands at $11 million which is a huge amount for a budding superstar. His net worth includes concerts, Brand Ambassadors fee and personal investments. From 2010 to 2016, his net worth has seen a hike of 80% and his album has been listed as the number 2 on Billboards and Danish Charts as well.

Lukas Graham Assets

Lukas Graham does not belong to a wealthy star family, and he did not see a luxury childhood either. He is not in the luxury things, and the word goes same for his assets too. He has a house in Denmark where he lives with his family and girlfriend.

Lukas Graham Music Albums

He started his musical exploration at the age of eight and the discovery has not stopped yet. His band, Lukas Graham, was formed in Denmark, 2011. His band is comprised of three other people as well– drummer Mark Falgren, keyboardist Morten Ristorp, and bassist Magnus Larrson. Their debut album was Lukas Graham, and Then We Take the World which was published in 2012.

After that, he released his hit single seven years which talks about his father’s death. However, their pop and soul hybrid has paved their way to the Warner Bros. in 2016, and there’s a lot to expect from them in future as well.

Lukas Graham Business Model

Since his childhood, he was involved in the musical journey. But before starting his band, he acted in a couple of Danish movies such as Krummerne (1991), Krummerne– Stakkels Krumme (1992), Krummerne– Fars gode idé (1994).

However, after that, he concentrated on his music and started his band. In the year 2012, he released the first ever album. After that, he is a full-time lead vocalist of his band, Lukas Graham.

In September 2016, Lukas Graham and his long-term girlfriend Marie-Louise Hello Schwartz Petersen had their first child, a girl. Despite having a tight schedule of concerts, Lukas Graham quoted this event as the most important one, and he quoted his child as the ‘gold nugget’.

From a law student to a successful musician and band leader, surely Lukas Graham has an inspiring story to narrate. He came from a low-income family background, but that did not stop him from pursuing his dream. Now he has partnered with Warner Bros, and his songs hit number 2 on the Billboard. A budding superstar with so much potential– we are eagerly waiting for his next album to release. Good luck, Lukas!