Green Day Net Worth 2019

Who is Green Day and what is Green Day net worth 2019? Green Day is rock band from the United States of America, the band was formed in 1986 in Northern California by 2 friends, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt. The band members now are Billie Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, they are very famous and they go on tours across the whole world. Green day earned over 90 Awards and they were nominated for awards more than 200 times. In 1986 Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were 14 years old friends, they decided to form the band and named it Sweet Children, Billie for the vocals and guitar and Mike is the bassist, 1 year later they went on their first live performance in Vallejo, California.

In 1989, John Kiffmeyer, AKA Al Sobrante, joined then as the band’s drummer and they changed the band’s name from Sweet Children to Green Day, in that same year they released their first album under the name of 1,000 Hours and it had 4 songs and people liked it back then, after a short time, in 1990, Al Sobrante left the band and Frank Edwin, AKA Tré Cool joined them and he has been with them ever since that.

Green Day Net Worth

Billie Joe Arms had a relationship with one of the first fans when he was 16, her name is Erica Paleno and they stayed together until 1991. After Erica, Billie started dating a feminist, her name is Amanda but she left him in 1994, Billie wrote many songs about Amanda, including Good Riddance, She’s A Rebe and others, he also named a song on her name, Amanda. In 1994, Billie married Adrienne Nesser and they have 2 sons, Joseph Armstrong and Jakob Danger, they all live now in Berkeley, California.

For Mike Dirnt, he was married to Anastasia Serman for 3 years (1996 – 1999) and they are the parents of Estelle Desiree, their daughter. Mike also was married to Sarah Garrity for only 1 year (2003 – 2004). His last marriage has lasted until now, and it seems like going forever, in 2009 Mike married Brittney Cade and they are the parents of a son and a daughter, Brixton Michael and Ryan Ruby Mae and they live together now.

Tré Cool marriage story is close to Mike’s, in 1995, Tré Cool married Lisea Lyons and they are the parents of Ramona Isabel Wright, their daughter, in 1996 they got divorced. After 4 years, in 2000, he married Claudia Wright and they are the parents of their only son, his name is Frankito Wright, Tré Cool and Claudia got divorced in 2003. Since 2014 Tré Cool has been married to Sara Rose Lipert.

Green Day was found by Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt and in 1990 Tré Cool joined them. The band’s success began with their third album, Dookie, and it has 14 songs. The album won Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in 1995 and the band was nominated for MTV Video Music Award in the same year.

Their other success was with their seventh album, American Idiot, which has 9 songs and was released in 2004. In 2005, the album won MTV Video Music Award and the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album along with other awards. Their last album was released on October 7th, 2016, its name is Revolution Radio and it has 12 songs.

Green Day List of Albums

• 39/Smooth (10 Tracks), (1990).
• Kerplunk (16 Tracks), (1991).
• Dookie (14 Tracks), (1994).
• Insomniac (14 Tracks), (1995).
• Nimrod (18 Tracks), (1997).
• Warning (14 Tracks), (2000).
• American Idiot (9 Tracks), (2004).
• 21st Century Breakdown (24 Tracks), (2009).
• ¡Uno! (12 Tracks), (2012).
• ¡Dos! (13 Tracks), (2012).
• ¡Tré! (12 Tracks), (2012).
• Cigarettes and Valentines (12 Tracks), (2012).
• Revolution Radio (12 Tracks), (2016).

Net Worth of Green Day

Green Day went on more than 150 tours across the whole world, singing their albums and singles. They also had other live albums that they recorded while touring. Their album, Dookie, has a selling of over 20 million copies worldwide and it made them one of the top punk rock bands in the world, another successful album for them, American Idiot, has a selling of more than 6 million worldwide, and for their last released album in 2016, Revolution Radio, it has sold more than 230 thousand copies.

Green Day has earned more than 50 awards, last award they earned was in 2017, for their song Bang Bang from their last album Revolution Radio, iHeartRadio Music Award for Rock Song of the Year. Green Day has a net worth of more than $160 million, it’s divided by, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

Green Day is a famous and a successful punk rock band from the United States of America, The band has 13 released studio albums and been winning awards and nominated almost every year since they were established.