Cannibal Corpse Net Worth 2019

Who is Cannibal Corpse and what is Cannibal Corpse net worth 2019? Cannibal Corpse is an American Death Metal Band. Cannibal Corpse belongs from Buffalo, New York, and came together in December 1988. Cannibal Corpse formed back in 1988. Currently, the band has five members. But when the band formed, it had six members, named as Alex Webster, Bob Rusay, Paul Mazurkiewicz, Jack Owen, and Chris Barnes. They performed in their first show, which held at Buffalo’s River rock cafe.


The band released its first album in August 1990. The name of their album was Eaten Back to Life. The genre of the album was Death Metal. During their whole career, Cannibal Corpse released 13 studio albums, 4 video albums, and two live albums. In 1993, the main band member, Bob Rusay, who formed the band, got fired. Bob Rusay was the guitarist and the main member of the band. After his dismissal, he became a golf instructor. After that, Bob was replaced by Rob Barret.

Cannibal Corpse Net Worth

But Bob Rusay was not the only member who got dismissed from the band. In 1995, Chris Barnes was also let go, and replaced by George Fisher. But that was not the end of replacements and dismissals. In 1997, Barret, who replaced Bob Rusay, left the band to join his previous band called Malevolent Creation and Solstice. He got replaced by the guitarist Par O’Brien.

Their Album, A Skeletal Domain, which released in 2014, made them the top-selling band in the genre of Death metal.

Net Worth of Cannibal Corpse

Currently, the band is consists of five members. These members include Alex Webster, Rob Barrett, Paul Mazurkiewicz, George Fisher, and Pat O’Brien. If we join their net worth, it sums up to be about $55 million.

Cannibal Corpse released 13 audio albums, two video albums, and two live albums. The band released its first album in 1991. The album was named as Butchered at Birth. This album was not a huge success. It is because it was just a start of the band, and not many people knew about them.

They released another album in 1992. The album was Tomb of the Mutilated. In 1998, Cannibal Corpse released another album. It was Gallery of suicide. They started working on another album and released it in 2006. The album name was kill. In between these albums, they did some tours and kept themselves alive. The band started writing the next album in 2007. The album got released in February 2009. It got a very positive response from the fans.

Soon after that, in 2014, Cannibal Corpse started recording their latest and 13th album. It was A Skeletal Domain. It was the biggest hit of the band. It made them the top-selling metal band of all the time and made a history.

The band has a history of getting into troubles and bans. Following are some of the controversies in which the band got involved.

In October 23rd, 1996, Australia banned the band and recording in Australia. All the CDs got excluded from the shops. It all happened due to the “labeling code of practice” which the band did not follow. They released all of their albums again in 2007. Australia also banned their tour as well.

The band also got banned from Germany as well. The main reason was graphic album art and offensive lyrics. They were not allowed to sing anything from their first three albums. In an interview, George Fisher said that some teacher saw someone their t-shirt, and she made a fuss about it.

The band has eight shows planned in Russia. Everything was perfect, but somehow their six shows got cancelled. It happened because of the protest organised by some activists in Orthodox. According to them, their music is punishable by death according to the Russian law.

Even though the band has been criticised a lot, they still have a lot of fan following. They are one of the best death metal bands. We hope that they are working on their music right now, and we get to hear it.