Blink 182 Net Worth 2019

Who is Blink 182 and what is Blink 182 net worth 2019? Blink- 182 is an American punk rock – alternative rock band is based out of Poway, California. The current three-member band was formed in 1992 by Scott Raynor- drummer, Mark Hoppus- bassist and Tom DeLonge – guitarist and vocalist. The line-up of the band is now changed. Initially known as Blink, “-182” was added pointlessly after an Irish band of the same name claimed the title and threatened a lawsuit.

Blink- 182 gained an unsavory reputation for cheeky lyrics and high-energy live performances in the beginning. The band has a key role in developing pop punk culture. The trio combined pop melodies with punk rock and made it widely accessible across the radio than previous bands. The band has been highly influential with 13 million albums sold in the US and more than 50 million globally.

Blink 182 Net Worth

DeLonge, the band’s guitarist, and vocalist met drummer Scott Raynor in 1992 at a Battle of Bands competition. He made friends with Kerry Key, whose girlfriend Anne Hoppus introduced her bassist brother, Mark Hoppus- who attended college and was working at a record store. DeLonge and Hoppus clicked immediately after and played and sat together for hours co-writing lyrics at DeLonge’s garage.

The three of them soon after started jamming together and operated under different names until DeLonge’s suggestion of “Blink”.

The band self-released their first Extended play (EP), “Fly Swatter” in 1993. The following year, they released their second album “Buddha”, after which they collaborated with Grilled Cheese/Cargo and came out with “Cheshire Cat” this was not as good as the ones that came out later. They were widely recognised after touring the world jointly with NOFX and Pennywise in 1996-97 and also appeared on numerous surf/snowboarding videos.

Their third album “Dude Ranch” was released in 1997 jointly with Cargo and MCA. The album was further expanded till 1998 and went platinum after the super-hit “Dammit (Growing Up)” that became the teen anthem. In the summer of 1999, the band released their fourth album “Enema of the State”, produced by their long-term producer Jerry Finn which marked immediate success.

During all this time, Raynor had left the band midway in 1998 U.S. tour and was replaced by drummer Travis Barker. The band’s singles “What’s My Age Again?,” “All the Small Things,” and “Adam’s Song,” were successful MTV smashes. Enema of the State was such a big hit that the trio released a limited edition album- “The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back)” in 2000. This became their number one album in the United States. In 2003, they came up with a self-titled album whose songs “All of This” and “I Miss You” topped the rock chart of 2005.

In February 2005, the band unexpectedly announced that they be on an imprecise pause as they wanted to give time to their growing families. But, before a break, they issued a list of fans selected tracks- “Greatest Hits” in November that year. Travis and a collaborator, DJ AM were severely injured in a plane crash and took nearly a year to recover.

In 2009, they got reunited for a reunion tour with Weezer- another American rock band. In 2011 they released their sixth album, “Neighborhoods”. They joined My Chemical Romance, Against Me and Rancid for a tour in 2011.

In 2015, Matt Skiba, a guitarist from Alkaline Trio joined Blink -182 replacing DeLonge and released their first single “Bored to Death” in April 2016. Their seventh album “California” was released in summer of 2016.

The band members individually continued with different projects as well. Barker continued to play for the Transplants and owning his clothes company- Famous Stars and Straps. Hoppus hosted his own podcasts and his Atticus fashion venture. He worked together with Barker on a new brand Plus 44. DeLonge too carried on with his clothing company, Macbeth and a rock super-group Angels and Airwaves.

Keeping the number of members same, the trio has been replaced over time. Following are the former and the current members:

Scott Raynor- Born on May 23, 1978, is the original drummer of the band. The Metallica fan had joined the band at the age of 14 years and gained a huge fan following by 19 after the band’s album “Dude Ranch”. It was due to his heavy alcohol addiction that he was fired from the band during a 1998 music tour.

Tom DeLonge- Born on December 13, 1975, DeLonge was the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Blink-182. He left the band in 2005 due to an internal tension led by him. Following the split, he formed Angels and Airwaves. He joined the group and departed the second time in 2015.

Mark Hoppus- Born on March 15, 1972, out of the original trio is the only current band member. He is the bassist and co-lead vocalist of the band.

Travis Barker- Born on November 14, 1975, is the current drummer of the band, who replaced Scott Raynor in 1998. While the band was on a break, Barker was critically injured in a plane crash in September 2008, followed by post-traumatic stress disorder, for which he considerably took a long time to recover.

Matt Skiba- Born on February 24, 1976, Matt is the co-lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. He replaced DeLonge after his second departure in 2015. Matt also has several solo and other projects.

Net Worth of Blink 182

The toilet humored band was asserted as the only influential band of the 1990’s by The New York Times. Leading to such huge success the band’s net estimated worth is $150 million.

During the time when competition with teen-pop and metal was not that uncommon, Blink-182 released continual hits, boosted with humour, insincere music videos that charted in the most popular list of MTV. The 90’s band is still heard and followed by millions. But, it is said, that its worth would have been more had DeLonge still been in the band.