Vince Gilligan Net Worth

Who is Vince Gilligan and what is his net worth 2018? Best known for breaking into the role of a director through the critically acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad”, Vince Gilligan dons the hat of a Director, Producer and Writer. Gilligan was born in 1967, February 10th in Richmond, Virginia and always fostered a passion for filmmaking and the art of storytelling. Gilligan has written for the also critically acclaimed Sci-Fi series X-Files way back in 1994.

The child of an insurance adjuster and a teacher, Vince Gilligan grew up in Farmville, Virginia and moved to Chesterfield County during his High School. He gained his fame and wealth mostly due to his role as a producer and writer on X-files, and his latest offering “Breaking Bad”.

Vince Gilligan Net Worth 2018-2019

Vince Gilligan inherited his father’s passion for classic movies and the habit of reading Sci-Fi and comic books due to the bookstore owned by his grandfather in Richmond, Virginia. Gilligan is known to have told self-made stories from a young age and used to make short movies with the Super 8 camera of a family friend. Vince Gilligan was noticed by the famous producer Mark Johnson after Vince won a screenwriting contest and found Gilligan an agent.

Past this point, Gilligan made use of the representation, and sold his screenplays to Hollywood in 1993 and 1998. 1994 saw Gilligan catch a massive break when one of his freelance scripts caught the eye of X-Files creator and was hired as a writer. There was no looking back after this with various hits on his profile as a writer and producer as well.

As mentioned above, Vince Gilligan took on work as a producer for the X-Files for quite an at least 60 episodes, both as the sole producer and a co-producer in some instances. He even worked as an executive producer, for an X-Files spin-off series named “The Lone Gunmen”.

Gilligan then went on to generate his magnum opus, “Breaking Bad” whose plot revolved around a chemistry professor who receives a terminal diagnosis and decides to take on the role of a drug dealer by cooking cocaine with the help of a druggie loner who knows how to deal drugs. This is a series with characters that are nicely fleshed out and with more persona than a 2 Dimensional character. “Breaking Bad” has made the careers of all the people working in it and associated with it.

Vince Gilligan Net Worth

Vince Gilligan has an estimated net worth of $28 million. His revenue stems from writing, and producing and directing and is known to have an active working career. He works in motion pictures along with TV shows on a regular basis and associated with some big names in the movie business across the globe.

Vince Gilligan is known to have acquired the Midas touch transforming everything he touches into highly successful ventures. Post Breaking Bad, there was another well-known spin-off named “Better Call Saul” which has been doing pretty well along with the realisation of his long-time idea “Battle Creek” for a TV series. Along with his long-time girlfriend, Holly Rice, Vince Gilligan lives a fulfilling life both professionally as well as personally..