Van Jones Net Worth 2018

Who is Van Jones and what is his net worth 2018? Van Jones is a well-known American author, news commentator and nonpracticing attorney. He is best-known as the president of Dream Corps. He has also authored two books titled ‘The Green Collar Economy’ and ‘Rebuild the Dream’. He is an active contributor of CNN Network.

Early Life

Anthony Kapel Jones aka Van Jones was born in 1968 on 20th September to Loretta Jean Jones and Willie Anthony Jones. He was born and brought up in Tennessee, US. He also has a twin sister, Angela Jones.

Van Jones Net Worth

Van married to Jana Carter. The couple has 2 children named Cabral Jones and Mattai Jones together. The couple is very private about their personal life and rarely share pictures of each other or their family. He is an active supporter of the Democratic political party.

He is very engaged with the new trends on all his social media handles and can be seen talking about trending issues in the world.

He completed his law from the University of Tennessee at Yale Law School.

He had a very close friendship with music icon Prince and revealed how Prince used to make charitable donations under his friends’ name after his death.


Van started off his career in 1992, by joining the Civil Rights, Lawyers Committee. In 1995 he launched a hotline number to help rescue police abuse victims. Surprisingly his hotline was receiving 15 calls every day.

This helped in gaining popularity, which motivated him to get involved in multiple social programs that prompted public welfare and peace in the country.

In 2013, Van co-hosted a show called ‘Crossfire’ on CNN Network. Since he has become a regular contributor on the network and can be seen on CNN frequently. CNN helped him gaining household recognition, which gave him the power of fame which he used to gain supports in his journey.

He has also had the honour to serve US first President Barack Obama as his Special Adviser for Green Jobs.

This year he also expressed his sadness when Donald Trump took over the presidency through his social media account.

He is also involved with multiple activism programs like Bay Area PoliceWatch and Rodney King verdict. He also acted as a supporting pillar in programs like ‘Colors of Change’, which strived to spread the message against racial discrimination. Van also helped in the formation groups like ‘Green for All’ and ‘Ella Baker Center for Human Rights’.

Van Jones has been awarded and honoured with multiple prestigious awards like International Ashoka Fellowship, Brick Award Now renamed as Dosomething Award, Reebok International Human Rights Awards, Ebony Magazine’s Power 100, Rainbow Push Coalition’s 2015 Vanguard Award, NAACP President’s Award, Environmental Media Association’s Green Biz Global Innovator Award and David E. Glover Vanguard Award. In 2009, Time’s Magazine included his name in the list of 100 most influential people in the world.

Net Worth of Van Jones

Van Jones has an estimated net worth of more than $1.5 million. The multi-talented news commentator is a best-selling author of two books, who makes thousands by hosting live events and exclusive celebrity interviews. Van hasn’t revealed and financial details of his endorsement deals, but he is definitely earning quite a lot from this department.

Van Jones is one of the most influential and known news commentators on the planet unlike other news reporters, he uses his name and power to send out a positive message in the society. He is involved in multiple charities and activism programs, which reflects his dedication to transforming the society. Being a black man, he relates to the issues surrounding racial discrimination’s and has initiated programs that demand peace and equality in a rational serene manner.