Tyler Oakley Net Worth

Tyler Oakley is a you tuber, pod caster and bestselling author. This YouTube sensation currently described as the “loudest voice on YouTube” with 615 million views and 8 million subscribers. He is twice Teen’s choice award winner. At the small age of 18, he started uploading YouTube videos to connect with his high school friends and within a span of 10 years he is one of the highest earning you tuber. His foremost video entitled as Raindrops received over 400 thousand views. He possess a net worth of $9 million US dollars as of 2017.

He made appearance in Front line report called, “Generation Like,” and “The merchants of cool “.A website known as Social Blade, who rates YouTube and Instagram accounts, ranks grade B+ for his YouTube channel and subscriber rank of 109. He has over 6 million on Instagram, 5 million followers on twitter. In 2015, he released his first collection of humorous personal essays with title Binge. He performed for a comedy web series “The Most Popular Girls in School” as the voice over of Mr. McNeely.

Tyler Oakley Net Worth 2017-2018

With the record Tyler Oakley has achieved tremendous success and is one of the most popular you tuber.Let’s take a look deeper into his profile and how this magnificent success was achieved by him.

Mathew Tyler Oakley was born in Jackson, Michigan on March 22, 1989.He has twelve siblings, 6 brothers and 6 sisters. His parents got divorced when he was a child. He is gay and support various organizations for the same. He is a member of THE TREVOR PROJECT an organization which supports in prevention of suicide. He is an activist alongside LGBT, supporting social issues including education, healthcare and the prevention of suicide among youth. His book known as Binge which was published on October 20th, 2015 which is an autobiography with humor in it. It resulted as bestseller.

Tyler Oakley is gay. He is very close with his mother. His mom has twitter account named as Mama Jackie. He helped in fundraising in different events at great platforms. He is a part of The Trevor project, since 2011 has co-hosted Trevor LIVE, the charity’s annual red carpet event. In 2013 he raised $29,000 for his birthday in support of the Trevor Project. In 2014, he raised $525,704 and $532,224 in 2015 in a similar event.

Tyler Oakley has tremendous influence on social media with thousands of followers on Facebook, Tumbler and millions on Instagram, Twitter. He started his YouTube career in 2017 when he was a freshman in Michigan State University.Since then he has produced over 300 videos. Within the span of 10 years his channel gained over 7 million subscribers. He is mostly known for comedic v log style videos. He was a former member of the channel “5 Awesome Gays,” where Friday video was produced by him for over 3 years .

Oakley has weekly podcast with his close friend Kory Kul. It is titled as “Psychobabble” which refers to music and is available on I Tunes.He also hosts news show “Top that” for Pop Sugar.He is also known for receiving attention from major celebrities and organizations, such as Chris Colfer, Liam Payne.This was mostly on Twitter after he tweet about them or commented on their previous tweets. As a result of Oakley’s success and influence on many social media platforms predominantly on YouTube he got the opportunity to meet U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House. He did an interview with first lady Michelle Obama regarding education issues.

Tyler Oakley started making YouTube videos from the age 18.Within 10 years his channel has achieved over 7 million subscribers and 615 million views. He graduated from Michigan State University where he studied communication, marketing and social media. He started YouTube channel to connect with his school friends who were studying in different schools. He supports various organisations on different social issues and raised over $532,224 for the same. He anchored in Pop sugar and performed voice over of Mr. McNeely in five episodes of the comedy web series named as “The Most Popular Girls in School.” He is currently signed to Ellen DeGeneres’ production company.

Tyler Oakley is surely a winner. He won various awards on different categories over the years.
1.2014, YouTube Entertainment Awards, Best Male Blogger.
2.2014, Teen Choice Awards, Male Webster.
3.2014, Youth Innovator Award by Trevor.
4.2014, Out 100 reader choice.
5.2014, Entertainer of the Year-Streamy.
6 2014, Activist Icon of the Year-Streamy
7. 2015, Annual Podcast Awards Best LGBTQ which was received by him for Psychobabble.
8. 2015, The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet by TIME Magazine’s
9. 2015, Glad Davidson/Valentine Award
10. 2015, The Hollywood reporter’s top 25 Digital Stars.
11. 2016, Best web personality
12. 2016, 50 power for OUT magazine’s
13. 2016, Top 25 Digital Stars on the Hollywood reporter’s
14. 2016, Variety Fame changer

Tyler Oakley Net worth and Income in 2017

Tyler Oakley’s predominance over social media and glorious success, he has a net worth of $9 million US dollars as of 2017 and he earns between $6 and $7 million from different ventures. He was listed as most earning YouTube star by Forbes.

Tyler Oakley is not only a YouTube sensation but also an activist who supported and raised great funds for organizations. With the years his hard work and creativity paid of making him the highest paid you tuber and a star of social media. He gained engrossment by huge celebrities including the first lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres .Today he one of the mot influencing and inspiring personality on social media.