Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth 2019

Who is Sebastian Marroquin and what is his net worth 2019? Sebastian Marroquin (birth name: Juan Pablo Escobar Henao) is a Colombian based architect, author, as well as known as a son of murdered Colombian based drug lord named Pablo Escobar. You just cannot imagine how high the net worth of Sebastian Marroquin is, get more details below.

Early Life

Birthplace of Sebastian Marroquin is Medellín, located in Colombia. It is known that police traced, captured, and later slayed Pablo Escobar, when Medellín’s greatest infamous illegitimate did one phone call to his son. Location of Escobar was traced because of his extreme telephone uses, as well as he was observed by one open window, discussing on a telephone, because police enclosed that building in which he was thumping in Medellin. The unshaven Escobar escaped to the rooftops, and here he was gunshot dead by police.

Sebastian Marroquin Net Worth

Juan Escobar along with his mother and sister initially escaped to Mozambique, later travelled on basis of tourist visas to Argentina. Here, they eventually stayed and transformed as citizens in banishment from native i.e. Colombia. It is found that Juan Pablo selected the name “Sebastian Marroquin” from a telephone book as well as accepted it in form of his new name.

Though Marroquin and his family sustain to earn money by rights to Pablo Escobar’s name as well as likeness (which includes selling clothing bearing his resemblance for additional earnings), as well as have attempted three times which became unsuccessful to file Escobar’s name in form of a brand, Marroquin insist on not to be connected with his father.

This essentially comprises mention of his prior name; moreover he is too resolute to separate himself from Medellín Cartel as well as illegal type of drug trade going in Colombia. He completed graduation from college through an architecture degree and presently resides in Palermo Soho, located in Buenos Aires along with his wife as well as a daughter, and also serves as an architect. Since then, he has encountered with few of the victims of his father.

It is found that Marroquín has come back to Colombia for two times for purpose of visits. The intentions were to offer his respects at grave of his father as well as for the premiere of documentary. Moreover, he was also not permitted to enter in Hacienda Nápoles on account of a return visit made to 20-square-kilometre estate of Escobar, located at 180 kilometres eastwards of Medellin.

This was removed by the Colombian based government after death of Escobar and currently administered by the city of Puerto Triunfo in form of a campground, public garden, as well as museum of Escobar’s corruptions.

By the use of his birth name i.e. Juan Pablo Escobar; Marroquin became author of the book entitled as Pablo Escobar: My Father. Apart from this, Marroquin has founded his personal organic line of clothes, running by name i.e. “Escobar Henao”, utilising things from life of his father as clothing high spot. He had mentioned that share of the money gained from his business undertakings will reach to his father’s fatalities as well as Colombian based charities.

Net Worth of Sebastian Marroquin

Net worth of Sebastian Marroquin, recognised as an architect and author from Colombia is $32 Million. When he was of age of 22 he was previously a millionaire by the act of kidnapping executives as well as rich wealthy Colombians, afterwards asking ransoms of as high as $100,000 on their release.

When he was of 26 he was net worth $3 million and started making cocaine smuggling based operation between Panama and Colombia, applying profitable recognised smuggling ways to import drug in US. In year 1989 Forbes entitled Pablo as one among the topmost 20 richest men in world, approximating his fortune as $3 billion. It is revealed that he is supposed to have grossed minimum $60 million every day from illegal conducts, causing in yearly profit of more than $22 billion.

Sebastian Marroquin worked will in his career path by being an author and architect, having authored many well-read books as well. Unlike his father, he worked legally in his career to develop himself.