Rick Warren Net Worth

Who is Rick Warren and what is his net worth 2018? Rick Warren is identified as an American based intense Christian priest and author. Moreover, he is recognised as a founder as well as a senior priest of Saddleback Church, an intense mega church established in Lake Forest, located in California. This is essentially eighth largest church in US. Net worth of Rick Warren is high in millions, get more details here:

Rick Warren belonged to San Jose, located in California, born as son of Dot and Jimmy Warren. The priest’s father was basically a Baptist minister, whereas his mother worked as a high school librarian. It is known that he was brought up in Ukiah, situated in California, and completed graduation from a high school in year 1972. Here, he established the principal Christian club by the name of school’s estate i.e. The Fishers of Men Club. Name of his sister is Chaundel, who got married to Saddleback priest named Tom Holladay whereas his brother named Jim C. Warren, passed away in year 2007.

Rick Warren Net Worth

Warren attained Bachelor of Arts based degree from a university in Riverside, in California. He also attained Master of Divinity degree in year 1979 in Texas and received a Doctor of Ministry named degree in Pasadena, located in California.

Warren once stated that he was called for full-time based ministry when he was of age 19; he was student during that time. In year 1973, he with a friend bunked classes and ride 350 miles to listen to W.A. Criswell address in San Francisco. Later Warren waited to shake his hands with Criswell, the one who focused on him and stated that he felt to shake hands with him and pray for him.

In his time spent at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the priest served at Texas Ranch for Christ, recognised as a ministry service of Billie Hanks, Jr., the place where he started to write books. He worked to write two different books namely, Twelve Dynamic Bible Study Methods for Laity and The Victory Scripture Memory Series as well as with Wayne Watts and Billie Hanks, Jr.

In year 1980, Warren alleged Saddleback Church’s initial public service at a high school theatre through 200 persons in presence. His church growth approaches directed towards fast expansion, by the church consuming closely 80 diverse facilities ever in its history of 35 years. In year 2008, President named Obama selected Warren to provide prayer at his inauguration based ceremony. This particular decision annoyed pro-choice as well as LGBT activists as well as directed to criticism of Obama as well as Warren. It is found that Obama protected his selection of Warren.

Warren got married to Kay Warren in year 1975. The couple have three adult descendants: Josh, Amy, and Matthew as well as they have four grandchildren. Due to achievement of his sales of book, in year 2005 he reimbursed his salary of 25 years towards church as well as finished grabbing a salary. He also states that he and his wife turned “reverse tithers,” offering away almost 90% of their income as well as making a living by just remaining 10%.

His youngest son named Matthew took his life in year 2013, after many years of fighting through mental sickness. Nearly one year after suicide of his son, Warren started a ministry for educating Church for its character to support people fighting with mental sickness as well as Church Gathering in year 2014.

Rick Warren Net worth

Rick Warren is primarily recognised as an American based author and enthusiastic Christian priest having net worth of $28 million. This celebrity is an author of few books, comprising “The Purpose Driven Life” and “The Purpose Driven Church”. This priest and his wife target to live simply on ten percent of their grossing and contribute the remaining amount to charity.

Rick Warren delivered speech at many prestigious events and organisation, noting himself as a famous priest. He focused on writing as well and contributed great amount of his wealth to society.