R.L. Stine Net Worth

Who is R.L. Stine and what is his net worth 2018? R. L. Stine is an author and producer based out of the USA, known best for his works in horror fiction. His books were essentially meant for children. Hailing from Columbus Ohio, and born in 1943.

R.L Stine started writing well before he was 10 years old and went on to graduate from Ohio State University during which he worked the school magazine. Completing graduation saw Stine moving to The Big Apple to write comedy books for kids under the pen name of Jovial Bob Stine. The mid-80’s saw Stine writing his first horror novel named “Blind Date” followed by many more.

R.L. Stine Net Worth

This propelled him into working for Nickelodeon as a writer, penning down Eureka’s Castle and the Fear Street series. Post this Stine started work on his most well-known work – the “Goosebumps” book in the 90’s which have sold more than 400 million books world-wide. Goosebumps has even been successful made into a TV series and broadcast in over 100 countries across the world!

There was also a Goosebumps inspired motion picture released in 2005 with Jack Black depicting R L Stine. He has won several accolades and awards such as Guinness world record for best-selling children’s book series author in history, making the “People Weekly” list naming the most intriguing people ever. He even won the Thriller Writers of American.

The actual origins of the Goosebumps series are of great interest to many. After penning down a few horror novels, Stine decided to water down the plot with less amounts of gore and violence, whilst using a young protagonist. He also features a new and different child in a background that is alien to them. The books have a really well-crafted twist in each of them with none of the protagonists actually ever being killed. The true source of inspiration for writing Goosebumps sprung from his childhood fears which he remembers clearly and has materialised the same in his books for all to read.

He was said to receive close to 2000 letters daily, at the peak of his fame. He also screened disturbing letters to save kids from harming themselves, which shows him to be a responsible writer. The merchandise from this franchise has turned out to be extremely profitable, with board games, clothing, accessories and even video games being designed with the said theme. This franchise has also been honoured with amusement park rides named after them.

Scholastic Press and Parachute press is known to have fought over the book’s rights, and following a long and stretched out legal battle saw Scholastic winning the complete rights for the books

Stine is married to Jane Waldhorn, since 1969. Jane works as a writer and editor, and is associated with Parachute Press and has had a child together. Stine and Jane make a great couple at work as well as at home, with both of them sharing the same passion in writing.

 R.L. Stine Net worth

Such widespread success made R.L. Stine deservedly wealthy over the years, racking up a net worth of over $210 million. At the height of his financial success, Stine earned a staggering $40 million per annum. Till date, Goosebumps is said to have earned over $2 billion in retail sales! Being the best-selling author in the USA paid off millions of dollars in royalty alone!

R.L. Stine has experienced it all – fame, fortune and universal admiration and has translated into massive wealth. But Stine never forgets his humble beginnings and would never let success change him for the worse. A proof for this is that he doesn’t mind his son not reading his books at all. What we have to learn is that we should all follow our passion like Stine, to be happy and successful in life.