Lisa Brennan Jobs Net Worth 2018

Who is Lisa Brennan Jobs and what is her net worth 2018? Lisa Brennan Jobs better known by the name Lisa Jobs, is an American writer as well as the daughter of the Apple creator ‘Steve Jobs’. She has got a totally different career goal than her father. Lisa showcased her talent and interest as a journalist and also as a magazine writer. She has got her breakthrough with the different writing styles and different write ups for various magazines. This led Lisa Jobs net worth symbolically significant and unique in every sense. Being a tech-save daughter she has got her own identity that made her net worth distinguishable distinctive than others.

Early Life

Lisa Jobs is an American by birth and was born on 17th August 1978 in Oregon, United States. She was born to Steve Jobs who was the Apple co-founder and Christann Brennan who was a painter and writer by profession. She had a difficult childhood with her parents as her father Steve Jobs did not take the responsibility of Lisa and therefore Christann Brennan raised her only child Lisa single handed with much difficulty by cleaning houses to support her living.

Lisa Brennan Jobs Net Worth

Lisa did her schooling from ‘The Nueva School’, and ‘Palo Alto High School’.

In 1996, she went to Havard University for higher studies and a few years later she attended the ‘King’s College London’ for further studies.

Lisa Jobs had no relationship so far with anybody but she got three siblings Reed Paul, Erin Sienna, and Eve from her father’s first marriage.

It was reported that her father Steve Jobs has named his first project by her name ‘Apple Lisa’.

Lisa Jobs was left with an enormous inheritance after her father’s death Steve Jobs.


Lisa Jobs has started her working career as an eminent writer following her mother Christann Brennan’s footsteps. She has written for several reputed and glorious magazines like ‘Spiked’, ‘The Massachusetts’, ‘The Harvard Advocate’, ‘The Harvard Crimson’, ‘O’, ‘The Southwest Review,’ and ‘Vogue’.

Apart from writing for popular magazines, she has also started her own write ups in her personal blogs and also work as a freelance writer as well on the other side.

In addition to this, Lisa has also appeared in a number of Biopic films based on the character of her father which include ‘Steve Jobs’, ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’, and ‘Jobs’. On the other hand, she has also appeared in the novel-based film ‘A Regular Guy’.

Lisa was fortunate enough to get three major roles in her father’s biopic films.

Net Worth of Lisa Brennan Jobs

Lisa Jobs is an eminent personality who doesn’t require much introduction as she is a valiant lady who has great writing powers in several popular magazines in her writing career. She has also exhibited his skill as a successful journalist. She is a woman with great potential and possibilities to grow her own identity even without her father’s name. Her total net worth is about in the range of $10.5 billion approximately.

Hence, Lisa Jobs has an impeccable career with brilliant write ups in various renowned magazines. She had a much difficult childhood with her single mother yet she has struggled every possible way to reach this glorious place in her life. Lisa is a brilliant American writer who has given up everything to build her own identity and her own individuality.