Les Brown Net Worth 2018

Who is Les Brown and what is his net worth 2018? “Life has no limitations, expect the one you make”. These lines are from one of the most eminent motivational speakers of the century, Leslie Calvin “Les” Brown. He is living each fraction of his life with intent to serve humankind. This exceptional quality of him made him one in millions. His audiences are from every nook and corner of the world. He started his career as a motivational speaker in 1986 and within duration of four years he was among the highest paid motivational speaker across the globe.

Apart from his eloquence, he is known as an author, radio DJ, former television host and politician. With all these capabilities, he has validated his commonly used phrase “It is possible”. He motivates millions of people out there to follow their dreams. With all his popularity among the masses, Les Brown made us curious about his net worth, so, how this inspiration behind many individuals earn? How much is Les Brown’s net worth? Let’s know him better for the precise answer.

Les Brown Net Worth

Early Life

Les Brown is a fighter since birth. He was born on February 17, 1945 with his twin brother Wesley, in a disowned building in Miami, Florida. Their biological mother, Leslie Calvin Brown, gave up them for adoption after the three weeks of birth. A 38-year–old single women Mamie Brown adopted them when they were six weeks old. Being declared as “educable mentally retarded” in grade school, he lost his self-esteem and confidence. But his mother and an assistant teacher, he was able to regain it. Whatever he is of today, he owns to his mother.

He got married with Gladys Knight, better known as “Emperor of Soul”. The couple got divorced in 1997. He has nine children.


Les Brown is the perfect example of “Rags to Riches”. His first job was as a sanitation worker. After that, he worked as a “Radio Jockey”. During this job, he spread political awareness and realised his true potential. After an encouragement from Mike William, he ran for a seat in the Ohio State Legislature of the 29th House District. Owing to his dedication towards his work and his zest to server humanity, he held this seat for three terms.

While his adoptive mother was in poor health, he left the seat to serve her. Meanwhile, he continued to spread awareness and progressively became motivational speaker. Later, he also formed Les Brown Enterprise in order to shore up him as a motivational speaker.”Live Your Dreams” is a runaway success book by Les Brown, which inspires others to pursue their dreams. In 1993, “The Les Brown Show” went on air, but soon after four months it went on hiatus. Afterwards he started giving motivational speeches across the world and inspired millions of souls.

He travelled to Denmark, Dubai, Canada. By 1998, the empire Les Brown Enterprise started flourishing enormously. Now, he touched the lives of widespread population by every possible resource to be had like television, motivational programmers, shows and radio. In 1996, he came up with his second boot “It’s Not over Until You Win: How to become the Person You Always wanted to be-No matter What the Obstacles, was highly acclaimed by the critics. “Choosing Your Dreams” is by far the best audio series released by him, which has sold millions copies worldwide.

Les Brown, not only won the hearts of many, but prestigious awards as well. His first award came in 1989 at “National Speakers Association”. He was the first African –American to won the award of “Council Peer Awards of Excellence”. He was felicitated by “National Speakers Association” by “Golden Gravel Awards” for his impactful leadership and achievements speeches. In 1991, Toastmasters International ranked him amongst the “Top Five Outstanding Speakers” of all the times. In 1991, this motivational speaker won the Regional Emmy Awards (Chicago).

Net Worth of Les Brown

Les Brown is the Polaris for many. As of today, he has an anticipated net worth of $12 millions. This whooping sum shows that he not only owns millions of hearts, but millions of dollar as well.

Les Brown is the reason behind many happy and self-motivated souls. Once shackled in own insecurities, now leads many.