Kevin Trudeau Net Worth 2019

Who is Kevin Trudeau and what is his net worth 2019? Kevin Trudeau is renowned as an author, salesman, entrepreneur, and pool fanatic. His pervasive infomercials endorsing his books occupied by unproven health, nutrition, as well as financial remedies grossed him a fortune, and ultimately, imprisonment. Eliminate your confusion regarding details of net worth of Kevin Trudeau as you can get precise details here:

Early Life

Trudeau was brought up in Lynn, located in Massachusetts. He is actually an adopted son of Mary and Robert Trudeau. Discussing his education, he appeared in a high school running in Lynn, wherein he was essentially voted “Most Likely to Succeed” from the class of year 1981.

Kevin Trudeau Net Worth

After completing studies in high school, he has transformed as a used car salesman, later he has appeared in the seminar circuit, vending memory improvement practices. It was in year 1990 that he begged guilty for placing $80,000 in valueless checks as well as mimicking a physician, however served, he assumed, lesser than 30 days.


During year 1991, he has also begged guilty to 11 reckonings of credit card deception and was placed in federal prison for span of two years. Post his release during year 1993, he has appeared in one multi-level type marketing organisation named as Nutrition for Life. He and Nutrition for Life has established cases conveyed by the state of Illinois, as well as seven more U.S. states, for worth of US $185,000.

During era of early 1990s, Trudeau was essentially sentenced of larceny as well as credit card deception. In year 1998, the Federal Trade Commission (briefly as FTC) suspects him of wholly parodying his book’s contents entitled The Weight-Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. During year 2004 based settlement, he confirmed to fund a $500,000 fine as well as stop marketing every product excluding his books; and are protected below the First Amendment.

It was in year 2011 that he was penalised $37.6 million on account of breaking 2004 settlement, as well as he was said to stake a $2 million worth bond prior involving in any forthcoming infomercial promotion. During year 2013, fronting additional action for defilements of year 2011 based agreement as well as non-payment of $37-million decision; he has registered for bankruptcy safety.

This celebrity’s claims of liquidation were confronted by FTC based attorneys, who upheld that he was smacking money in shell firms, and also mentioned instances of continuous lavish spending, like $359 for haircut.

Moreover, in year 2013, he was sentenced of criminal derision, and he is presently serving a 10-year period punishment at a Federal Prison Camp inside Alabama.

Trudeau got married for minimum three times. Rare information is out regarding his first marriage done to Oleksandra Polozhentseva. The celebrity’s second union, during year 2007, to Kristine Dorow, who is known as a Norwegian based student, was terminated in cancellation after span of four months. In year 2008, he got married to Natalya Babenko.

Net Worth of Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is by now acknowledged as a businessman, salesman and an author possessing net worth of -$38 million. He earned well by being an author, a radio personality as well as an infomercial salesman. His net worth started declining after year 2014, during which a federal judge present in Chicago sentenced him to 10 years in custodial for deceiving customers by his commercials as well as weight loss books.

It is known that prosecuting attorney within the case appealed that he has sold 850,000 issues of one his pretentious weight-loss books. This has actually yielded around $40 million in form of revenue for his firm. He, who asserts he is broke, was even mentioned to personally fund a $38 million sentence. He even funded a fine of $500,000.

Initially career of Kevin Trudeau progressed well as an entrepreneur and as an author. However, later, he got involved in many frauds and was made to sentence to prison for few years and was demanded to pay hefty sum.