Jackie Collins Net Worth

Who was Jackie Collins and what is her net worth? Jackie Collins was a novelist, singer and an actress from England but later she moved to Los Angeles and settled there. Her first book, “The World Is Full of Married Men” was published in 1968 in London and it was a best seller. Most of her books are translated to 40 languages.

Jacqueline Jill Collins was born on October 4, 1937 in Hampstead, London. Her father, Joseph William Collins was a theatrical agent but he died in 1988, and her mother is Elsa Bessant and she was a dance teacher but she died in 1962. Jackie has an elder sister that is a famous actress and author, her name is Dame Joan Collins and she has homes in London, France, Los Angeles and New York. She also has a younger brother, his name is Bill Collins and he worked as a property agent. Her sister back then was living in Los Angeles so her parents sent Jackie to live with her.

Jackie Collins Net Worth

Jackie Collins was married twice. Her first marriage was in 1960 to Wallace Austin, and after 1 year they welcomed their first and only daughter, Tracy. They separated in 1964 because Wallace was addicted to drugs and he died in 1965 because of an overdose. In the same year that Wallace died, 1965, Jackie married Oscar Lerman he owned a night club back then and later became a film producer.

Jackie and Oscar had two daughters, Tiffany and Rory. In 1992, Oscar died because of a Prostate cancer. After her 2 tragic marriages, in 1994, Jackie engaged to Frank Calcagnini, he was a business executive, and after 4 years, in 1998, Frank died because of a brain tumour.

Jackie Collins career started with acting in low budget commercial films and singing on stages with other singers, the films she acted in back then are, Barnacle Bill, Rock You Sinners, The Safecracker, Intent to Kill, Passport to Shame and The Shakedown. She also appeared in series such as Danger Man and The Saint, after that she got tired of acting decided to go into novels writing.

In 1968, her first novel was published, “The World Is Full of Married Men”, and after 1 year she published her second novel, “The Stud”. In 1971, she published her first novel in the United States, its name is “Sunday Simmons & Charlie Brick” and later she published her 4th novel, “Lovehead”. She kept publishing successful novels until 2015, which was “The Santangelos”.

Jackie Collins List of Novels

• The World Is Full of Married Men (1968)
• The Stud (1969)
• Sunday Simmons & Charlie Brick (1971)
• Lovehead (1974)
• The World Is Full of Divorced Women (1975)
• Lovers and Gamblers (1977)
• The Bitch (1979)
• Chances (1981)
• Hollywood Wives (1983)
• Lucky (1985)
• Hollywood Husbands (1986)
• Rock Star (1988)
• Lady Boss (1990)
• American Star (1993)
• Hollywood Kids (1994)
• Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge (1996)
• Thrill! (1998)
• Dangerous Kiss (1999)
• Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (2001)
• Hollywood Divorces (2003)
• Lovers & Players (2005)
• Drop Dead Beautiful (2007)
• Married Lovers (2008)
• Poor Little Bitch Girl (2009)
• Goddess of Vengeance (2011)
• The Power Trip (2012)
• Confessions of a Wild Child (2013)
• The Santangelos (2015)

Jackie Collins Net Worth

Jackie Collins novels sold for hundreds of millions copies in 40 languages and all of them were on the preeminent list of best-selling books by the New York Times. Furthermore, 8 of her novels were adapted to TV films and series. Jackie Collins was the 5th richest author in the United Kingdom. For all her novels selling and her work she had a net worth of $180 million.

Jackie Collins was one of the best novel authors around the world, all her novels ranked on best-selling books list. Jackie had 2 Citizenships, one from the United Kingdom where she was born, and the other was from the United States where she lived and worked most of her career.

September 19, 2015, in Beverly Hills, California, Stage 4 Breast Cancer was the reason behind Collins’s death. (77 Years Old)