Don Imus Net Worth 2019

Who is Don Imus and what is his net worth 2019? Don Imus is a famous humorist, writer and a radio host from the United Stated of America. His most well known shows are Imus in the Morning, which started since 1971, and Imus at Night, which started in 2010 but ended. He hosted them over the radio and the TV. Don Imus doesn’t appear much now because of his health problems.

Early Life

John Donald Imus was born on July 23rd, 1940, in Riverside, California. His father is John Donald Imus Sr and his mother is Frances E. They moved to Arizona because his father had a cattle ranch, so Don and his younger brother, Fred, raised in both first California then Arizona. John Sr divorced Frances when Don was 15 years old, then Don left the school and went to serve as a bugler in the United States Marine Corps for 3 years (1957-1960).

Don Imus Net Worth

Don Imus first marriage was to Harriet Ann Showalter in 1969 and they are the parents of 2 daughters, Ashley and Elizabeth, Don is also the stepdad for Harriet’s daughters, Nadine and Toni. Don Imus and Harriet got divorced in 1983. Since 1994 Don has been married to the radio personality and writer, Deirdre Coleman Imus and they have a son, his name is Frederick Wyatt Imus, he was born in July 3rd, 1998.


Don Imus started being a radio host in 1968 in a very small radio station in California. He got very famous and gained people’s attention, then he moved to Ohio and there he won many fans. In 1971, Don moved to New York City and started working at WNBC radio, and there he started Imus in the Morning.

He had many addiction problems back then and missed a lot of working days, in 1977 the WNBC fired him for that, so he returned to Ohio. After a while he got treated and the WNBC was moved to WFAN all-sports radio and they wanted his show back, he went back there and started that show again, it took little time to gain back the audience but he made it, and just there he got the show very famous and earned many awards.

His show, Imus in the Morning moved a lot including to RFD TV and FBN (Fox Business Network). Don also had some time at the CBS Radio but he made a lot of noise and problems for the station. In 2007 it was also with ABC radio.

Net Worth of Don Imus

Don Imus has made a very successful show that aired on TVs and radios, he has a lot of fans that believe in him and follows him. His shows ranked among the top shows regarding viewers, and he earned a lot of awards including the NAB Marconi Radio Awards and the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, he authored a book named God’s Other Son which was released in 1981, he also co-authored two books with his brother Fred, and their names are Big Guy Country and Two Guys Four Corners: Great Photographs, Great Times, and a Million Laughs. His shows made the radio stations earn a lot of money, when it was on WFAN, it generated them $20 million annually. Don Imus has a net worth of $40 million.

Don Imus is a well knows radio personality, during his career he had a lot of problems with stations and even lawsuits. He’s the radio host for the famous Imus in the Morning which aired all over the United States and people like to listen to it a lot. Don Imus is now not on air because he’s having a lot of health problems.