Daniel Handler Net Worth

Who is Daniel Handler and what is his net worth 2018? You all know the name of Daniel Handler. He is a famous writer. He has showed his talent in some other fields than writing. He is a great musician. He mostly play accordion in the bands. He has worked as a journalist also. He is an American by borne. He is mostly popular in his pen name Lemony Snicket. Daniel Handler was born on 28th February in the year 1970. He was born in San Francisco, California, United States of America. He has is the son of Sandra Handler and Louis Handler.

He was addicted to books since childhood. He loved to read the books of William Keepers Maxwell. He started his institutional education in Herbert Hoover Middle School and completed his graduation from Wesleyan University. In 1992 he won the price of Connecticut student poet prize. A big writer was peeping out of his soul since his childhood. Now the soul has a total control over the body and has made miracles with a pen.

Daniel Handler Net Worth

By keeping apart his talent of marvellous writing you will find Daniel as a great human. He considers himself as a secular humanist. He tries his best to help the needy people. He does a lot of charity to help the poor and needy. This humanistic behaviour of Daniel makes a very good impression to the people all over the world.

The spark of a marvellous writer was giving a shine since his childhood. He won so many prices in his institutional level for excellent writing. He has so many awesome creations with a pen in his collection. He is such a writer who is probably not hated by anyone. May be some people don’t like his writings that much but he is not being hated by anyone.

In the time when his career was going to start he faced so many rejections. His writings have not been considered valuable by the publishers. But the darkness doesn’t stays for long. The bright side of his life was started with the first successful publish of his story.

There are so many famous novels that have been written by Daniel Handler. Some of them are The Basic Eight, Watch Your Mouth, Why We broke Up etc.

He has also high popularity in the world of music. He is a great accordion player. He has played accordion in several bands. Another talent which was hiding behind these two talents is journalism. He has also worked as a journalist in his career.

Daniel Handler Net Worth

From a recent study it has been revealed that the net worth of Daniel Handler $3.5 million. Though for a talented person like him this is an appropriate amount that he is earning.

From the above article you have got some basic knowledge about Daniel Handler. He is a great American writer, journalist and musician. He has faced many rejections in his primitive career life. Now his novels are very much famous among the people of all over the world.