Brian Tracy Net Worth

Brian Tracy is a renowned American motivational self development author as well as a public speaker. Did you know that he has authored over 70 books which have been translated into different languages? This was the main reason as to why he became so popular among his followers within a short span. He is indeed the most iconic personality known in the world . What makes him stand out in the crowd is his zeal and enthusiasm to achieve his dreams.

Brian Tracy Biography

Not much information is available regarding his family history and background. However
All we know is that he was born on 5th January in the year 1944 and is a Canadian by nationality. Also, according to sources on net, he has three brothers but there is no relevant information about them. We also know that he didn’t belong to a very financially rich family.

Brian Tracy Net Worth 2017-2018

We don’t know about his past relationships and dating history . All we know is that he is currently married. However, all we know is that he is happily married to Barbara and they have four children altogether. There is no information regarding the year of their marriage and the names of their children. Also, there is no relevant information about their ages.

Brian Tracy founded his own company in the year 1984 in Vancouver which was Brian Tracy International. With time, he rose to fame and his company aimed at counseling people on several issues relating to self esteem, success, leadership, goals, etc. Prior to starting his own company which became famous in few years, he also served as Chief Operating Officer at a development company.

Did you know that he is a drop out from school and it was only in his 20s that he realized his true passion for becoming a motivational speaker?

Some of his most popular and extensively sold books include Eat That Frog!, The Psychology of Achievement and Earn What You Are Really Worth. According to sources on net, he is producer of over 300 video kits and audios. Also, he has his own well renowned university which trains individuals every year and is open for anyone who is willing to learn and become financially independent. Also, he is known for conducting multitude seminar trainings and influencing over 2,50,000 people each year in over 40 countries worldwide with his public speaking skills.

How much is Brian Tracy Net Worth in 2017

As of 2017, Brian Tracy’s net worth accounts to $16 Million US dollars which is quite a good share. There are multiple reasons which attribute to his increased share of net worth. However, the main reason is his great oratory skills and his persuasive speaking. Not much is known about his association with some famous brands but it is highly unlikely that he is not. Undoubtedly, he is earning in millions and his extraordinary speaking skills have been an icing on the cake.

Indeed, he has been able to make a unique place for himself in the field of public speaking. He has been able to achieve heights in his career because of his exemplary speaking.Apart from that, he is indeed a motivational speaker and his powerful lectures have made him extensively popular figure among his followers.