Bill Bonner Net Worth

Bonner is the proud owner, founder, and president of Agora, Inc. An American by nationality, he is a renowned name in the financial sector. He is also a famous author of books, columns, articles, and blogs. Bonner has debated in his financial books and in The Daily Reckoning that United States’ economic prospect is at risk because of various monetary and demographic inclinations and the huge trade discrepancies.

He also claimed that cost of maintenance of America’s vast domain would eventually drop its economic growth rate. He has offices worldwide, London, Paris, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, and Johannesburg, to name a few where he has highly qualified, intellectual and candid investment specialists.

Bill Bonner Net Worth 2017-2018

Bill Bonner was born on 8 September 1948. He has Bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics, and a Masters degree in Organic Chemistry from Southern Illinois University. He attended the University of Mexico and Georgetown University Law School.

His first work was at the National Taxpayers Union with Jim Davidson. He served at some prestigious positions in a lot of industries, gaining over thirty years of food industry experience. With a height of 170 m, Bonner is a well-maintained personality weighing 63 kilograms.

Bonner got married twice. Currently, he stays with his second wife, Elizabeth and four out of his six children in southern Anne Arundel County. His wife, Elizabeth is one of the majority owners in his company, Agora. She also helps Bonner in renovating the properties he buys. Bonner usually keeps his personal profile very low. His eldest son, Will Bonner, is walking in his footprints. Will, co-founded Bonners and Partners, co-authored some books and also frequently writes investment articles.

Bonner has a list of books and articles credited to his name as the author. His work is mainly grounded on the economic and financial matters. He founded Agora, Inc. in 1978 and also co-founded Bonners and Partners publishing. Agora Inc. is one of the major autonomous newsletter publishing company in the world.

He has been in scripting articles for the broadcast and opinion blog, Money Week magazine and Bill Bonner’s Diary. Bonner co-authored two New York Times bestselling books: Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving The Soft Depression of The 21st Century and Empire of Debt (along with Addison Wiggin); Mobs, Messiah and Market (along with Lila Rajiva).

He also co-authored short pamphlets with John Campbell and Lord William Rees-Mogg. He also has the honour of co-editing a book with knowledgeable historian Pierre Lemieux which is an essay based book. His latest book is Hormegeddon.

At his company, Bonner and Partner, he and his staff members, explore, forecast and uncover disruptive happenings of the world. Bill also provided an investment research service Bonner Private Portfolio for serious stakeholders which helps them to do a calculated investment without taking any risk. Another new service provided by him is Bonners and Partners Inner Circle which helps the investors to think strategically, analyze and do investment research.

Bonner is a celebrated economist. His book Mobs, Messiah and Market won the ‘GetAbstract International Book Award’ (in 2008).

How much is Net Worth of Bill Bonner in 2017

As of 2017, Bonner has a net worth of $930 Million owing to his investments in five continents of the world and is a proud employer of thousands of employees. He owns an enormous land and about two dozen businesses. He has launched around 1000 new products in the market.

Bonner has huge accomplishments, wealth and wisdom to his credit. He is best known for sharing his philosophies, understandings, knowledge, connection, investments and advances in the business sector. He is a smart opportunist who makes best out of every prospect.