Arianna Huffington Net Worth

Besides being an author, she is also known to be a politician and syndicated columnist. Arianna Huffington net worth is $60 million US dollars. She is the co-founder of Huffington Post and has authored 15 books. She was born in 1950, in Athens and at the age of 16 she shifted to England. In 1980, he moved to the US.

Arianna Huffington Biography

Her father was Konstantinos, a management consultant and journalist and mother were Elli Stasinopoulos. Although she had a close relationship with her father, space, and relation which she had with her own mother were responsible in shaping her life. During the formative years, she showed leadership skills which are still relevant.

Arianna Huffington Net Worth 2017-2018

A relationship developed between Arianna and Bernard Levin after they met in 1971. Although she loved Bernard deeply but had to part ways with him in 1980 as his lover was not ready to settle down in a married life and have children. After a courtship of six months, she tied the knot with Michael Huffington on 12th April 1986. The couple gave birth to two daughters but got divorced in 1997due to the disclosure of Michael being bisexual.

She is a famous philanthropist, author, and television personality and independently owns The Huffington Post. She completed her graduation from the Cambridge University and secured an MA in the subject of Economics in 1972. She became the president of the Cambridge Union which is a famous debating society at the age of 21. After completing with her graduation, she started working as a critic, TV host and a columnist. After being in Face of Music with Bernard Levin, she started writing books seeking his editorial help.

One of the bestsellers of his career is the Female Woman which was written in 1973. The book questioned the primary strains of the Feminist Movement. Through this, she received considerable success and fame. After Season was published in 1978 which did not receive the expected response. She started working as a columnist in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, The Spectator, and Daily Mail. Her biographical work Maria Callas – The Woman Behind the Legend was released in 1980 after she moved to New York. It paved her way to the elite society of the city. In 1994, she became a prominent and influential speaker of the Republican Party.

She teamed with Strange Bedfellows up for covering the Presidential Elections in the US in that very year. She started with the radio show in 1998. Opposing the NATO intervention in 2000, during the period of Yugoslav wars, she initiated Shadow Conventions at the Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles. She also stood opposite to Arnold Schwarzenegger as an individual candidate in 2003. She is the founder of Detroit Project that was started in 2003.

She was one of the nominations for a prime time Emmy under the specified category of Outstanding Writing for a Variety of Music Program for Politically Incorrect, a famous comedy talk show. The Huffington Post helped her to win the Pulitzer.

How much is Arianna Huffington Net Worth in 2017

The net worth of Arianna Huffington is $60 million US dollars as of 2017. The net value of her Mercer Street apartment in New York is $8,150,000. She had been able to earn a huge amount by selling the Huffington Post to AOL. The estimated amount is $21,000,000. The net worth of Huffington does not include the amount which she received after selling Huffington Post.

Although she had married a billionaire the financial details regarding their divorce are kept under a secret cover. In her career, she had covered multi-sphered areas and had gain recognition and fame in all the fields that she had touched.