Amanda Knox Net Worth

Amanda Knox is best – known for her profession named as writer . She is also known as the miscarriage of justice in Italy where she was convicted along with her boyfriend for the murder of her friend in her room when she was studying a law here in Italy. She has net worth of $2.5 million US dollars.

Amanda Knox was born on Jul 9 , 1987 in Seattle , Washington , United States of America . She was born in the middle class family and she also played soccer in her childhood days with the middle class neighbours. She was very skilled as a athletic so she was also known as her nick name as ” Foxy Knoxy ” and this name was usually was called by her parents . Knox suffered very difficulty because during her childhood days her parents divorced each other when she was toddle.

Amanda Knox Net Worth 2017-2018

Amanda has a younger sister also named as Deanna Knox . Her mother named as Edda Mellas who was a Mathematics teacher and her father named as Curt Knox is a Vice President of finance at a local Macy’s . But after sometime they divorced each other and she was toddle . This was the big shocking incident that occurs in her life . She also has a step – father named as Chris Mellas who is also known as a Information Technology Consultant.

As Amanda Knox was a ordinary college student . She ever attended the loud parties . She was also named to the Dean’s List and worked several jobs to pay her tuition . Friends usually called her as a kind and gentle individual as well. When she was 20 years old , she left Washington went to Perugia , Italy .

She studied lot of years studying linguistics in the University situated here in Italy . Her life has also some controversy when she was just 21 years old and was a college student studying linguistics then one big thing was happened in her life when she has a room – mate named as Meredith Kercher was allegedly killed by Knox . She was convicted in this case before but after some time she was acquitted .

According to the police officials she committed this crime with her boyfriend named as . After completing her University Amanda Knox returned back to her country United States and has also worked as a freelance journalist .

Amanda Knox has boyfriend named as Raffaele Sollecito which came into light Amanda committed the murder of her roommate along – with her boyfriend in the year 2007. After that Knox was sent to the jail . She was released from the jail in the year 2011 .

Amanda Knox has written a book named as ” Waiting to be heard : A Memoir ” in hte year 2013 which was a best – selling book that time . She has also released a Netflix Documentary in the year 2016. Knox is also featured on the News specials named as Dateline and NBC and CNN Presents.

How much is Amanda Knox Net Worth in 2017

As Amanda Knox is known as a writer. As of 2017, She has estimated net worth of $2.5 million US dollars.

Amanda Knox is well – known for her profession of writing and due to this she has published some books as well . This shows her writing skills . She has also some controversy in her life .