Tyson Kidd Net Worth

Who is Tyson Kidd and what is his net worth 2018? The Canadian professional wrestler Theodore James “TJ” Wilson, performs under the ring name Tyson Kidd in World Wrestling Entertainment. He was not from a wrestling background, but after coming in contact with the famous Hart wrestling family Kidd became passionate about wrestling. Now he is one of the most famous Canadian and one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. Kidd is one of the most innovative, skilled, and technically sound athletes on the roster today. He was an amateur hockey player also before getting his fame in wrestling.

Tyson Kidd was born on July 11, 1980, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Kidd had built a close relationship with the famous Hart family of Canada when he went to school with Teddy Hart. Afterward, he became a good friend of Harry Smith, a member of the Hart family. By the age of 10, he became a part of the extended Hart family. He started dating and living with the Hart family member Natalya Neidhart, who is also a professional wrestler and they got married after circa eleven years of their relationship in 2013. Their wedding ceremony was featured on WWE’s reality TV series ‘Total Divas’.

Tyson Kidd Net Worth 2018-2019

He has survived from a fatal injury which was an absolute miracle because only 5% people has survived from that type of injury.

Tyson Kidd Net Worth

This WWE star has the net worth of $3.8 Million. Estimation of his net worth comes from mainly professional wrestling. He also gets paid by many endorsement deals and sponsorships. His salary is $516,000 per year and earns approximately $73,750 from sponsorships. His financial success graph started to go upward from the year 2013. 2015 was the most financially successful year of Tyson by earning $170,000 out of which $60,000 was earned from ad promotions.

Tyson owns a number of luxurious apartments and commercial properties in Canada. He owns an apartment in Tampa, Florida, United States. Tyson is the owner of several luxury cars like Volkswagen, Cadillac, Dodge Neon, BMW etc.

Besides of making money from professional wrestling, the WWE star wrestler has a number of endorsement deals. He endorsed “Feed Me More” brand of supplements by the former WWE Superstar Ryback. He has posed for some wrestling magazines.

Career: Tyson started training at Stu Hart’s Dungeon in his birth town. Afterward, he got wrestling training from Tokyo Joe. At the age of 15, he wrestled his debut match in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary under the nick-name Stampede Kid. Tyson was a part of Stampede Wrestling from 1995 to 2005. He wrestled in the World Wrestling Federation house show at the age of 16.

He won the Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship, Stampede International Tag Team Championship and the Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship. He also competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Star Wrestling and AWA Superstars of Wrestling where he owned the AWA Pinnacle Heavyweight Championship title.

In November 2006, Tyson signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment and was allocated to Deep South Wrestling. After this, he won the GCW National Championship and FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship.

Tyson made his WWE television debut after being a member of the group named the ‘Hart Dynasty’ with David Hart Smith and Natalya. Before getting injury Kidd had a partnership in WWE ring with Cesaro and the duo dubbed themselves ‘The Brass Ring Club’. This pair had picked multiple wins in WWE wrestling.

Tyson is an outstanding tag team wrestler and a skillful singles competitor who knows how to fight in a great match with a good strategy and technical prowess. His arsenal contains various kinds of moves which make him absolutely fantastic in the ring. The man does have a good sense of humour, and it is joyful to watch him in the wrestling ring. While running through the best path of his career, a serious injury has made his story tragic.