Shawn Michaels Net Worth

Who is Shawn Michaels and what is his net worth 2018? On the day 22nd July 1965 was born one of WWF (World Wrestling Federation) or WWE legends and hall of fame, Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, popularly known as Shawn Michaels. He is one of those who has achieved the prestigious title of world wrestling, the WWE Champion and we will study the net worth of Michael. Also, five times he was promoted as the face of the most prestigious wrestling event, the Wrestlemania. Here we will learn in brief about him and net worth of Michael Shawn Hickenbottom.

Born to a military family, he was the fourth child after Randi, Scott, and Shari, his siblings. Being in a military family, Michael moved around to a lot of places around the world, but he is known to spend his early stages of life at Reading, Berkshire, England. Later, he grew up in San Antonio, Texas. In school, he took part in sports like football, but this was when he twelve years old that he declared to concentrate on wrestling and wanted to take up wrestling as his professional career.

Shawn Michaels Net Worth 2018-2019

Michael started off his professional career in 1984, that is at the age of 19 years with the National Wrestling Alliance, where he spent roughly one year. In 1985, Michael signed up for the Texas All Star Wrestling, where he again wrestled for around a year. In 1986, Michael came in terms with American Wrestling Association. Here he spent again around a year and joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), but it was not soon when he decided to come back to American Wrestling Association.

It was on 7th July 1998, when he came back to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) along with Marty Jannetty as “The Rockers”. This was known to be his final and most important decision as he spends the rest of the time here. Renamed as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) later, he moved from The Rockers to Diesel, where he earned a lot of WWE Tag Team Championship along with his partner. Individually also, he claimed many titles as he went his way up to being a WWE Superstar. After few years, Michael joined in and became the leader of the backstage crew named “The Kliq” after he defeated Razor Ramon in Summer Slam in a ladder match.

Finally, in 1996, Michael became the part of the most reputed group of the history of WWE, D-Generation X, after his return in 1996 in a Royal Rumble match, along with one of the most known WWE Superstars, the King of Kings, the Assassin, the Game, Triple H. It was soon when he retired from WWE after a brutal casket match, but returned in 2005 for the reunion of D-Generation X, abbreviated as DX along with Triple H. it was since then he went on and off from the WWE ring, but held his prestige high after all the success he achieved throughout his years. It was at Wrestlemania 25, where he put an end to one of the greatest WWE Superstars, Ric Flair and himself retired after losing a match to The Undertaker in 2010.

Michael was married to Theresa Wood, but then soon got divorced. He then got married to Rebecca Curci also known to be the “Whisper” In 1999. Together they have a son, Cameron Kade and a daughter, Cheyenne.

Being in various companies of wrestling, there hasn’t been a single title that Shawn hasn’t won. From all the tag team championships to Match of the Years and the WWE Championship, he has had his hands on all the prestigious titles of world wrestling.

Shawn Michaels Net Worth

Being one of the richest wrestlers in the history of professional Shawn has a net worth of around $19 million. He was also a TV host which further earned him some money too. During the times when he used to wrestle on a daily basis he would earn around $1 million every year. Although he has retired, he still gets money because of WWE ambassador.

Now, Michaels is known to be a trainer at WWE and also a hall of famer and is still respected by all the young WWE Superstars till date. This shows the success and fame he achieved all throughout the years he spent in WWE.