Seth Rollins Net Worth

Who is Seth Rollins and what is his net worth 2018? If you are a fan of wrestling then you must have surely heard of Seth Rollins or as he is better known, Taj the destroyer. In fact, Seth Rollins itself is one of the ring names of the wrestler. His birth name is actually Colby Daniel Lopez.

Colby is an American wrestler who is currently employed under the WWE flag and is very popular among fans of the wrestling competition. Seth Rollins has proved himself as a competent wrestler under the RAW brand and has made a name for himself among fans of wrestling.

Seth Rollins Net Worth

Colby Lopez was born on May 28, 1986, and he is a mix of races. The surname Lopez actually came from his stepfather who is of a Mexican descent with Colby himself being of Armenian, German and Irish descent. Colby was born in Buffalo, Iowa and probably completed his education up to a high school level at schools there but as there is very little evidence as to this claim, we cannot confirm it.

There isn’t much information about Colby’s education on the internet either. Colby started showing a passion for wrestling from a very young age after he was smitten watching the various wrestling matches telecasted by the World Wrestling Federation. He showed an inclination towards sports and wrestling was the perfect opportunity to follow his passion. He worked hard towards his goal and became a professional wrestler after years of training.

Career: Seth entered the wrestling arena at a mere age of 19, in the year 2005 with his debut being in the Scott County Wrestling. He had some early setbacks and some losses but he later regained his string footing and went on to win the prestigious SCW Heavy Weight Championship. Seth identified himself with the color black and as such, he painted the championship belt black as a sign of the ‘Black Era’ of wrestling in the Scott County Wrestling.

After his stint at the SCW, Seth moved on to TNA which was a fast version of wrestling and was hugely popular among American audiences at that time. Seth was partnered with Marek Brave and they frequently competed in tag team matches and won most of them. By this time, Seth Rollins had become a reckoning force in the wrestling field with several victories under his belt and a ring name ‘Taj the Destroyer’.

Seth continued to make his way up the wrestling ladder before he could reach the WWE and the next stop was the Ring of Honor matches. Even here, Seth never faltered and went on to defeat several opponents to participate in the Ring of Honor Championship.

He later went on to win the ROH championship but this stage of his life was significant first for an injury in his neck which he had operated before returning to the ring and his inclusion into the WWE. His entry into WWE was widely followed as his character, Black in the ROH was supposed to stake his championship for a place in the WWE.

Seth Rollins Net Worth

Seth has a total net worth of almost $4.3 million. His major sources of revenues include his yearly salaries which can be up to 500,000 dollars. He earned $310,000 in the year 2015 and he also cashed in his Money in the Bank contract during the wrestle mania main event. This contract gave him a surplus of a lot of money which helped him increase his net worth substantially. It is obvious that Seth is a sought after performer so he will continue receiving a high salary because of his popularity.

Over the years, wrestling has become more and more popular with fans all over America rooting for their favourite wrestler. Seth Rollins is one such wrestler who has made his mark in the wrestling field and he has become super popular now. Seth is an inspiration to all those youngsters who have wanted to follow their passion but are afraid to do so. Seth has shown us that if you have a dream, no matter how impossible your circumstances can make you feel, it is always possible if you put in hard work and dedication!