Rey Mysterio Net Worth 2018

Who is Rey Mysterio and what is his net worth 2018? Rey Mysterio is the ring name of Óscar Gutiérrez, recognised as an American based formal wrestler. Currently he is signed to Lucha Underground. This wrestler is greatest identified for his performances made with World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, as well as WWE from period of 1995 till 2015. It is possible that net worth of Rey Mysterio is hidden to you like his face, read below to get it:

Early Life

Mysterio had started his debut inside Mexico while he was of age 14 years. This wrestler was trained through his uncle named Rey Misterio Sr. and also wrestled initially in Mexico wherein he acquired skills of Lucha Libre high flying based style which stayed as his trademark. Moreover, he is having some ring names like “La Lagartija Verde (The Green Lizard)” as well as “Colibrí (Humming bird)” prior his uncle offered him a name of Rey Misterio Jr. In year 1991, he was bestowed with “Most Improved Wrestler” inside Mexico when wrestling in form of Colibrí.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

In Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (briefly as AAA), Mysterio fought with Juventud Guerrera. His uncle named Misterio Sr. too took him in a tag based match: Misterio Sr. and Mysterio Jr. opposing him and his father named Fuerza Guerrera.

He got contracted with Extreme Championship Wrestling (briefly as ECW) by Paul Heyman in year 1995. He made debut at Gangstas Paradise, beating Psicosis, the one who was too creating his ECW debut. A fight between the two started that encompassed a two out of three falls based match as well as one Mexican Death match.

He also created his World Championship Wrestling (briefly as WCW) debut in year 1996, opposing Dean Malenko for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, the one that Malenko has held by winning. In Bash at the Beach, this wrestler has beaten long-time rival named Psicosis inside a number one contender’s based match to grab next opportunity in the Cruiserweight title .

In year 1997, this wrestler has fought with Prince Iaukea across the WCW World Television Championship. He was actually beaten inside his title match played over Iaukea at SuperBrawl VII and this was after Lord Steven Regal bout him. He even lost one championship based rematch at Uncensored. He soon started a dispute with the New World Order (briefly as nWo), which ended while he was defeated a Mexican Death based match to nWo member named Konnan at Road Wild.

In year 1998, WCW Thunder’s episode, he has beaten Juventud in order to win his third Cruiserweight Championship; however he has lost it nine days after to a wrestler named Chris Jericho. Moreover, the wrestler has noted his first ever Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre based appearance, making debut in one eight-man based tag team match. It is revealed that he wrestled totally 10 matches in CMLL prior coming back to US. Later he turned as “giant killer” by beating big opponents like Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Nash, and Scott Norton.

Net Worth of Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio by now holds an astounding assessed net worth of $9 million. Actually, he did not amass his net worth within an easy acting job, just memorising lines and speaking them out simply. On the contrary, he has grossed it in the exceedingly physically risky field of formal wrestling.

Essentially, it was the huge time for him, noting his World Championship Wrestling based debut only a year afterwards in year 1996. At this point of time, his high-flying style initially received him severe American reputation. Moreover, after the failure of WCW, he had found himself serving for his professional rivals at WWE, in which he endures to be fan-favourite presently and even in the future.

Till now, Rey Mysterio is acknowledged for his high-flying based Lucha Libre wrestling style. This style is presently credited by having assisted kick-start the appearance of cruiser weight wrestling in US during the period of mid-1990s.