Nikki Bella Net Worth

Nikki Bella is an American professional wrestler, model, and actress; she won the ‘Choice Female Athlete’ for her stunning wrestling performance. She is nicknamed as ‘Fearless Nikki’, ‘ The Fearless One’ and ‘The Fearless Superstar. She is a strong personality who has an estimated net worth of $5 Million US Dollars. Let us have a look at Niki Bella’s Net worth, career, personal life, awards and achievements and much more in this article.

Nikki Bella Biography

Nikki Bella was born in San Diego at California on November 21, 1983. She was born to Jon Garcia and Kathy Colace. Interestingly, she and Brianna are twins. She has completed the bachelor degree in education from Chaparral High School. She was interested in soccer games while she was studying in Grossmont College. She was relocated to Los Angeles after some years, where she worked at Mondrian Hotel as a waitress. Soon she started her career as model and actress.

Nikki Bella Net Worth 2017-2018

she appeared in her first television show ‘Meet My Reality’. Nikki Bella and her sister were the contestants in “International Body Doubles twins search” in 2006. Following this performance, both participated in “ WWE Diva Search” in the same year. She has appeared in a comedy play for the role of Erica in 2014. Bella Twins also starred in video clips for “ Na Na” and ” Right Side of the Bed”. She was featured in a reality show entitled ‘Total Bellas’, which had a big deal and receives the great response. In that show, she explained about her personal life, including her romance with Cena. She is the open-minded character who is always peaked at WWC. She revealed the tattoo of burning heart in her skin in one of the episodes of Total Divas.

Niki Bella dated Nick Nemeth, who is a popular television actor. Later, she started dating with her boyfriend John Cena in the year 2012. Soon they got engaged in 2017. She had the pleasant interest in the acting profession. She started her career by starring a leading role in the television play ‘Clash Time’. In 2013, she has appeared in a Reality show ‘Total Bell as’, which is a popular reality show in America.

Some of her popular moves are back body drop, Bella Spear, Cross arm breaker, double leg slam, Front power slam, Head scissors, facebusters, handstand and the Leaping shoulder block. Other favorite movers are Achilles lock, spine buster, Springboard, elbow smash, and forearm smash, one-handed Thez press. Mat slams and snap mare face breaker.

She is ranked number one in the top 50 wrestlers in the Female 50 in the year 2015. She also achieved the award ‘Diva of the Year’ in 2015. Following the achievements, she got ‘Choice Female Athletes’ in 2016 with her sister. She has won WWE Divas Championship two times. She also got Slammy Awards twice in her lifetime. She is nominated for numerous awards and won many wrestling awards. She got the award ‘Diva of the Year (2016)’.

Nikki Bella Net worth and income profile in 2017

Apart from the wrestling, she has shown up in various non-wrestling appearances. She is one of the beautiful and remarkable women’s superstars. She has earned her net worth through her hard work and dedication in wrestling. She also gained a few as an actress and model. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million US dollars as of 2017. Niki Bella currently resides in Florida and Tampa with her boyfriend John Cena. She has her own house, which is the luxurious mansion along with rock cave and indoor pool. She also has a personal room for her clothes, shoes, and wardrobe.

She is the strong personality with alluring beauty and brave heart. She is one of the most powerful women around the world. She is the symbol of confidence and braveness. We have to learn a lot of good qualities from her.